Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kindle Fire Tip: ONE DAY Free Android App of the day Sunday is SAS Survival Guide, normally $5.99

This is just a quick alert for Kindle Fire owners passing through who didn't look at the free Android App of the Day today (I normally don't).

  If you don't own one yet, it's still orderable at this 'price' if you have a Kindle Fire coming and maybe even if you don't.  Digital books and apps are kept on the Amazon servers in your personal area until you decide you want to use it and then download it.

UPDATE: Commenter Gary LaPointe reported that you need an Android device of SOME kind (or a Kindle Fire already ordered) in order to order a free app from the Amazon Android Appstore.  See his comment here.

It's free for this one day [Sunday, June 2, 2013], and is usually $5.99. Seems a very useful free app.

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  1. If you don't own an Android device to have attached to your Amazon account you can't buy apps (unless they've changed something). I owned a Kindle Fire and sent it back and I couldn't even buy apps after that. I ended up installing an Android development kit and had that pretend to be a device, I only did this so that I could buy free apps (so that in the future if I got another Android device, I'd have the apps from when they were a good deal).

    1. Gary, thanks for your experience with this. Will link to it. Appreciated!


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