Friday, June 14, 2013

Kindle Book Alert: Temporarily Free Kindle book on 'mastering' basic camera settings

An excellent Kindle guide to photography basics is free for another day or so.

Guven Witteveen sent an alert yesterday that a book on the basics of camera settings -- what they mean and how they work together -- is free for a day or so.  Generally the free promos are one day to five, the average seeming to be 2 days while some are free for only a few hours.

  This one is a guide to 'mastering' the concepts of aperture, shutter speed, ISO and exposure, written by AI Judge, whose Kindle books on photography basics get high ratings for clarity.  It's not a book for advanced users who already use these controls with a good understanding of them.  It's for those who depend on 'auto' mode but would like to experiment with more control over their results when they want.

  It's a small book, only 68 pages, but I've downloaded it and it's very well organized, very clearly written and should be a boon for anyone who would like to try a bit more than 'auto' mode on their cameras and it will help in understanding why certain combinations of settings may be optimal for this or that situation.  Focal Length is explained as well.  The Kindle editions of these small guides are generally $2.99 - it's also available in paperback for $12.21.

  And of course, the cost of the Kindle edition is $0.00 today.  I've no idea if it'll still be a free promo tomorrow.

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