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Kindle Tips: Another Kindle Paperwhite 1 software update, v5.3.9

KINDLE PAPERWHITE 1 Software Update v5.3.9

Kindle Paperwhite Software Upgrade to v5.3.9

Reader Peraino sent another tip (yesterday) that yet another software upgrade for Kindle Paperwhite 1 is available, though not with the new features of the Paperwhite 2 yet -- that would normally take months to happen.

I've still not been around lately, but when I am, I'm now working on setting up my new, main computer, which is a Microsoft Surface Pro 2, which is a spectacularly capable "TabTop" -- essentially a very fast, smooth, can-do-anything 2-lb laptop with a separate 1/2 lb Type keyboard cover (which, when the keyboard cover is detached, also functions as a super fast, though relatively heavy, tablet -- but it's most notable for being able to run, easily, full Windows programs of the most graphically-complex types like Adobe Photoshop's latest and Lightroom 4 or 5 and the full Office Suite, if you get a model with sufficient storage space and 8 GB of RAM.  I'm really loving it.

  So, I'm on my way back to Kindle productivity after dealing with that and finishing a couple of other projects that kept me mostly away from the blog.

  NOTE: Even when not actively blogging (when there is no startling news), I respond to questions in the Comments areas of the blog entries -- and the Q&A entries are always shown in summary form and linked to, latest first, on the blog's right-hand column (which is used for information that's ongoing or for reference materials on topics of special interest to many who visit the blog.  So check "Latest Comments" (in the info/reference column on the the right of the page, whenever you're curious what people are asking and the responses made, even when I'm not actively blogging.

On to the latest Paperwhite 1 (previous Paperwhite model) update v3.5.9 eff. Nov. 8, 2013.

  Devices involved: See Paperwhite (US);   (UK Paperwhite: here; Global Paperwhite: here.)

Tne new, free software update available for Kindle Paperwhite 1 can be found [here] [U.S.]

    [Here's the UK-only software update page]

  The software page explains how to check the software version currently on your Paperwhite 1.  Mine still has v5.3.8.1 on it rather than v5.3.9 -- I'm usually one of the last to receive software updates, so sometimes I do follow the instructions to do a manual download and install to my Kindle if the change is important to me.

This update automatically downloads and installs on the applicable Kindle Paperwhite 1 eventually; however, as mentioned, you can also manually download the software and transfer the update to your device via USB cable.

Here's what they describe for update v5.3.9 ...
' The software update includes general improvements and the following feature enhancements:

* Hide Reading Progress Option
While reading, tap the bottom left of the screen to switch between four reading progress options, including Location in book, Time left in chapter, Time left in book, and None, which hides your reading progress from the bottom of the screen.  To learn more, go to "View Your Reading Progress" at the Amazon "Reading Basics" help page.

* Improved PDF Performance
General performance and stability improvements for PDF files.

* Improved Homonym Lookup in Chinese and Japanese
When you look up a word that has multiple meanings for the same spelling (homonym), you can view a full list of the available definitions from within the dictionary definition window. '

As ever, note that keeping your Kindle always connected to a Wi-Fi network can drain your battery faster.  So, once you've got the update "over the air," put the Paperwhite back to "Airplane Mode ON" via the 'Settings' option on the Menu -- the option lets you toggle Wireless Off with the "Airplane On" choice.

  Amazon has not put the "Wireless Off" and "On" back on the front menu as they recently did for the Kindle Touch, removing the confusing-to-many 'airplane mode' icon, which many of us wish they would do, as it is very inconvenient to have it on a secondary menu and many don't even know about the wireless-off feature, causing more battery drain and confusion over that.  Amazon: please do this someday; the Kindle Touch team has the right problem-avoiding idea.

  I realize Amazon prefers Wireless 'On' due to delivery of Special Offers but the battery-drain problem can occur when circumstances involve subscriptions that are downloaded regularly or due to a weaker connection that results from the distance from the router (or even due to a weaker router), in which case the device keeps trying to connect when a download is due (and that can be for the special offers that Amazon regularly needs to send for those who choose to opt for the less-expensive special-offers feature, or for chosen subscription deliveries.)

Only if you'd rather not wait -- DOWNLOADING and transferring the Update via USB
US:  Go to the Kindle Paperwhite Software Update v5.3.9 download section to get the instructions for the download and transfer to your Kindle via USB:
UK:  Go to the update and download area for the UK-only page

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