Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Alert: Black Friday Amazon device deals include UNlocked GSM Fire Phone including add'l 1 yr of PRIME, for $199 total, not locked into any cellphone services provider ... plus Kindle device deals thru' wkend or Cyber Monday

In case you didn't see these yet, there are some unusual deals for the next few days.

Received an alert from Tom Semple, who drew my attention to the unusual offering of an UNLOCKED model of the Amazon Fire Phone, which includes 1 year of Prime (for new membership or additional year for Prime members).
  (List price $449 - States taxes are based on the $199 price, per Tom Semple's exploring.

  This is especially good (and economical, as unlocked phone prices go) for those who did not want to be locked into using AT&T.

  He also saw that "Amazon Amazon helpfully enumerates all of the 'compatible' GSM carriers" but that he will just use its WiFi capability with the features, which is how I use my old Samsung Galaxy 2 phone, which is older and now like a very small tablet for me that saves my cellphone battery when WiFi is available.

The 99 cent deal that goes with a specific 2-yr data plan is still a current one.

The listing from Amazon for Black Friday and extended through the weekend

Black Friday deals for Amazon devices beginning tomorrow. These deals will extend through the holiday weekend. Deals include 

·          Kindle for just $49  (11/27-11/29
·         New Bundle : 6 months of Kindle Unlimited plus a Kindle for $79;
          also available for Kindle Paperwhite for $129 (11/27-11/29)
·         $119 Kindle Paperwhite for $99 (11/27-11/29
·         $99 Fire HD 6 for $79 (11/27-11/29
·         $139 Fire HD 7 for $109 (11/27-12/1
·         Fire phone is now available unlocked with a no contract price of $199 through Cyber Monday

Amazon's details and wording are below:

Kindle (deal running 11/27-11/29)
All-new Kindle - featuring a touchscreen display, a 20% faster processor, and twice the storage. Kindle e-readers are lightweight and easy to hold, measure battery life in weeks, not hours, and allow for reading with no glare even in bright sunlight. 
Kindle Paperwhite (deal running 11/27-11/29)
Kindle Paperwhite is one of Amazon’s most popular Kindles, with a touchscreen that has no screen glare in bright sunlight, a battery that lasts for weeks, not hours, and a built-in light that allows you to read without eyestrain.
Kindle Unlimited/Kindle Bundle (deal running 11/27-11/29)
Better together: Get the $79 Kindle and 6-months of Kindle Unlimited for just $79 or Kindle Paperwhite and 6-months of Kindle Unlimited for just $129. Kindle Unlimited offers unlimited reading from over 700,000 books, including best sellers like The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Harry Potter series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Landing page:
Fire HD (Fire HD 6 deal running 11/27-11/29; Fire HD 7 deal running 11/27-12/1)
The new Fire HD tablets are available in both 6” and 7” and five color choices - black, white, cobalt, magenta, and citron. The new Fire HD, features a quad-core processor, front and rear-facing cameras, an HD display and a world-class ecosystem of exclusive features, services, and content.
Fire phone (deal running 11/25-12/1)
The Fire phone is now available unlocked.  The unlocked Fire phone works with GSM carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Metro PCS and Cricket and for a limited time only is only $199. Fire phone includes a full year of Amazon Prime membership for access to Amazon’s vast digital ecosystem and unlimited photo cloud storage as well as exclusive features like Mayday, Second Screen and X-Ray.

Since this is an alert, will get this off.

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  1. Some of those Kindle and Fire deals are available on Black Friday at Best Buy -- for those who prefer shopping at Brick and Mortar stores.

    1. Edward, from my unfortunate experience, the 30-day full-refund return policies of Amazon are not met easily by the stores. It's 14 days for Staples and there have been hassles making returns at other stores. There are definitely Black Friday and CyberMonday deals just about everywhere. I am now with an extra 7" HDX loaner that I decided not to open yet but it was 17 days out and I couldn't return it. Maybe I'll do a trade-in at Amazon for what should be maximum trade-in pricel

    2. I agree -- I wouldn't buy any of this stuff at a brick and mortar. Amazon's customer service is just so good -- I just feel better shopping there.
      It's getting ridiculous with kindles and fires (I now have six), a fire TV, a TV stick, and let's not forget my Echo (I think I'm in love :grin).

    3. They're really enjoyed although a few are running out of things to ask it that it would know until further filled with info but they don't know how to do "Using Wikipedia ... what ..." type of questions to have 'her' look things up for her owner :-)
      I really like my Paperwhite at night or in dark places, but I still find the Kindle Touch remarkably clear and pleasant -- and it has audio! Do you use your Echo near your computers? Or move it from room to room. The FireTV has been one of my favorite things and now I have the Fire Stick for more portable use but haven't opened it yet.

      I recently got JBL LRS305 monitors for my laptop and tablet (alternating) and the sound is just spectacular. It's as if the musicians are right here. Voices are as if the person is in the room. Amazing. So, I'm less likely to use the Echo for my music, except as a novelty for asking it to play something.

    4. I asked Alexa if she knew Cortana and Siri -- and she did! -- although she had more to say about Cortana than Siri :grin.

      I'm using my PW2 almost exclusively now for mass market reading. I use my HDX 8.9 for magazines and technical books -- I'm using most of the other kindles as local offline repositories of one sort or another. I've never been much for text to speech or using a kindle as a music player -- so the lack of a speaker connection on a kindle ebook reader is no big deal for me.

      The Echo is in my bedroom near a Samsung ultrabook, and a Surface/Pro. I'm using it as a Bluetooth speaker for the Samsung, and just as a stand alone Amazon Music player -- as well as an assistant. It's voice recognition is very good -- I can ask for something in a myriad of ways, and she almost always gets it right.

      A couple of times I've asked her to play a song that's not free in Amazon Music -- she then plays a sample. I then ask her to buy that song -- she doesn't seem to know how to do that -- so much for all the reviewers dinging Amazon devices for making it easy to buy stuff from Amazon. :D

      I can see me getting one or two more echos: one for the living room, and one for my office upstairs. It's a lot easier to ask Alexa to set an alarm or put something on your todo list, than using Siri or Cortana where you first have to get your phone, and perhaps start an app before you can ask things -- with Alexa she's always there in the room silently waiting for you to ask for something or to play some music, etc. Since it's also a speaker, it can also play stuff from your iTunes library, or any other mp3's you might have on a paired device.

      There's no support for Windows phones, and there's no calendar functionality -- so you can't ask Alexa to make an appointment for you (she'll put it in your todo list). But that's all software -- it's bound to get better.

      One thing: I wish Amazon would let me manage my cloud collections from the Manage your content & devices page (sigh) -- there's not much support for a single person with many devices on a single account. I've been thinking of using profiles and a second account to create a "personal" me, and a "professional" me.


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