Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Quick Alert for special deal on one print book, starting tonight, at 9pm PST (no e-books or Audible)

Special sale starting tonight

I received an email alert that "...With Black Friday two days away, Amazon has announced another great deal starting at 9pm PST tonight where customers using the promo code HOLIDAY30 will receive an additional 30% off of purchase for one book, not including eBooks or Audible Audiobooks. The offer is available for a limited time and starts at 9PM Pacific Standard Time tonight.

For additional information (starting at 9pm) and a full list of Amazon Black Friday deals, visit

IF we can apply this to any print book, that would be a good deal, but we won't know until 9pm PST, which is fairlylate for Easterners.

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1 comment:

  1. Oh great, yet another invasion of a holiday by out-of-control commercialism. Amazon could have waited until Friday for this one, much like they could have picked a better time.


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