Monday, August 31, 2009

Kindle DX adapted for air approach plates - Update

UPDATE - 8/31/09 - Original posting 7/28/09 - 7:00 am
There is now a set of FREE approach plates offered by NACOSync.
See the UPDATE added to the end of this article.

First, this story has a video with it that shows, better than most videos have, what a Kindle DX looks like, close up, in action.  Note the much smaller Kindle 2 that is also there.

Click for larger Video

than on AVWeb site.

Gold Seal Ventures has adapted the Kindle DX for the display of air approach plates and are formally launching it at AirVenture this week, reports AVWeb's Paul Bertorelli.  Readability and storage capability were two factors.  So was, apparently, cost.

AVweb prepared the detailed video above and says "The plates are readable and relatively easy to find on the device, and although the DX itself is a little pricey at $480, AirBrief's data service promises to me [sic] more affordable than other electronic chart sources."

UPDATE 8/31/09
NACO Sync offers their set of Kindle DX approach plates.  Unlike, apparently, the ones by AVWeb, these have hyperlinks so that navigation is point and click instead of having to enter a page number.  These are in the Kindle-readable MOBI format and are free.  Information courtesy of Jason Stone.

. Approach plates have full menus
. The entire US will fit on a Kindle DX
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1 comment:

  1. fpranee,
    This is not a place to throw in your Amazon Associate referral link to your Amazon store, out of the blue at that, so I've removed your note.

    But if you were genuine about your statement re Hong Kong and Whispernet, I'll post what you wrote -- without the Amazon referral link to your Amazon store for DX's -- and then reply to it:

    You wrote:
    " My husband has a Kindle DX. As of July, you still needed a credit card that mails to a US address to order books, magazines, etc... from Amazon. If you have that, then you can download your purchased items via the USB drive. You can also recharge your Kindle using the USB drive so there are no concerns about the voltage/plug conversion. You can also download PDFs to it even if it's in Chinese.

    The problem is that the whispernet function (ability to connect to the internet directly via the Kindle) does not work in HK. So, this limits the ability to get your periodicals automatically delivered to your Kindle daily. You would need to use the USB drive for that.

    We got the DX when in July in preparation for our move to HK. My husband wanted to purchase a lot of books in the US and print out PDFs which was just too bulky for the move. So, the DX has been great for us as our goal was access to US-published books anytime we want them and not worry about their bulkiness. But, you will not be able to take advantage of it full functions from HK. "

    My response:
    The DX International/Global DOES work with wireless in Hong Kong and it is one of the four spots on earth that currently have the Kindle web browser enabled also.
    When you bought yours they had only the U.S. model that works with Sprint here in the US but doesn't work abroad.

    You can always sell it to someone who needs the Sprint model and get the global model that works in Hong kong.


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