Friday, August 14, 2009

Apple Tablet announced early Sept? Yr-end release?

Mashable's Adam Ostrow14 reports that the Apple Tablet may be announced, according to AllThingsD the week of September 7th during one of its "keynote events" traditionally used for unveiling new products.  The rumors are unending, but this one has an added wrinkle - a release in two versions.  No one has actually said the event will include an Apple Tablet or Apple iPad announcement though.

Gizmodo's Brian Lam says he was told by someone more or less verified that "it will come in two editions, one featuring a webcam and one focused on the education market and that it would cost between $700 to $900.  Also, it might be made to act as a secondary screen/touchpad for iMacs and iBooks.

In the Comments section, a NuncioCurry quotes a web-machine-translation of an Engadget Germany website post, which in turn quotes Le Journal du Geek which lists (see link for full details):
# It will be equipped with an iPhone emulator, shown as a widget on the desktop, which will use AppStore applications on the touchscreen with the resolution of the iPod Touch / iPhone. However, this widget will not call, send SMS / MMS, or to take pictures / videos because there is no webcam on the MacBook...

# It will be equipped with OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, with an overlay to do everything through the touch screen (eg display a keyboard)...

# This product [has] no optical drive but the MacBook Air SuperDrive is compatible.

# There are also 2 USB ports, an SD card reader, an input and an audio line-out, a MagSafe power port and a Kensington lock port.

# The product will be available in 2 versions: one version with a 80GB hard drive offered for € 849 and a version with a 120GB hard drive offered for 999 €.

[ NOTE that the prices quoted are now in EUROS so that they'd be the amounts seen x 1.5 - that has to be a mistake. ]

# The battery should be up to four hours persevere.
[ I took the better translation of two offered there. ]

# A dock for use as a screen classic will also be offered at a price of 79 €. This dock will also include an iPod / iPhone. "
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  1. I live in Germany and I must point out that many top-end electronic products sold here in Europe are quoted at Euro prices that exceed what the items cost in the USA by a wide margin. It wouldn't surprise me to find that such products, especially new products, would be priced here at 1.5 times (or more) what they would cost back in the states.

  2. Anonymous,
    Thanks for pointing that out. A friend had mentioned this as a possibility and it's good to have this confirmed by you, since you live there.

    Much appreciated,

    - Andrys


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