Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kindle DX finally coming back in stock

The Kindle DX
is now "expected to ship in 2 to 3 days."  Why did they run out for so long - small runs?  Much higher interest than anticipated?  What happens when the Fall Semester nears?

At any rate, here's a portion from a more recent review of the DX that is pretty thorough.

Brad at Sunset Lake Software reviews it from the standpoint of scientists and engineers.  Some of his comments:
" So far, I'm finding it to be an extremely useful device, with a screen that works very well for many types of documents, including scientific papers and technical manuals.  The Whispernet data connection is really cool and provides a strong differentiator for this reader versus others on the market right now...

While seeming a little too small at first, I think Amazon got the size just right.  The screen is large enough to display detailed content, yet the Kindle is still portable enough to take with you everywhere...

I tried a bunch of complex PDFs on the Kindle, and all of them rendered flawlessly.  The images below illustrate various documents, including a research paper, a page from my Ph.D. thesis, a spec sheet from a microelectronic component, and pages from Apple's Human Interface Guidelines.  The text and vector art are sharp and clear, but text that was already in small print within two-column research papers might be difficult for people with poorer eyesight to read.

Unfortunately, the only way to zoom in on a PDF is to rotate the device into a landscape mode, which widens the PDF to fit that orientation.  It would be very nice if Amazon were to add a portrait zoom function in a future firmware update. "

Brad doesn't seem to write notes on PDFs though, and that's not possible anyway with Amazon's current Adobe licensing.  As mentioned before, for adding notes, you'd have to convert a copy of the PDF to MOBI/PRC via one of 3 free utilities, mentioned in earlier articles here, to get a copy which pays less attention to intended layout but allows highlighting and notes added as well as all text to be findable when doing a full search of the Kindle contents.

See the full review and photos here.

Also, here's that video of the DX used for pilots' approach plates;
 it's the most accurate representation I've seen of the DX rendering PDFs.

Some photos I took earlier of the DX screen, in vertical and then landscape modes are here.

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  1. This is very good news for the users. Now i defiantly download the 3 G wireless from Kindle DX


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