Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Staples to sell Kindle 3's and DXG this Fall in 1500+ stores

Staples will carry the three current Kindle models starting this Fall, which is just about here, and there is one store about 3 blocks from where I am.

  It's all over the news but I first heard it from an anonymous commenter at this blog, and I think it's great news.

  They have knowledgeable computer and electronics staff there, which will be a benefit for customers.

  In other news, Borders' Kobo reader has lowered its price to $129.  You can search 'kobo' at the top right here to get previous articles here about the Kobo reader.

  Wall St. Journal story on Borders and Kobo is here.

Kindle 3  (3G/WiFi or WiFi-only) (UK: Kindle 3),   DX Graphite

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  1. I really think this is great news. Most people have still never seen an ebook reader, and don't really know what e-ink is about. Seeing it in a store will signifiantly boost sales. (Just ask B & N.)

    I do think that Staples will be a better seller than Target as sales people at Staples will have some expertise, whereas in Target (and I know because I bought my wife's k2 there) just has an endcap with the devices (and a few covers) and nothing else. The sales people have no clue about it.

    BUT, to toot my own horn, I bought her the K2 at Target when the price dropped. With their 90 day return policy, I am just awaiting her K3, and I will return the K2 back to Target.
    Rick Askenase

  2. Rick,
    I agree re seeing the e-Ink in person. People are always amazed when they see it.

    Re Target, I had read that they do the 90-day return for defective units. Some had trouble getting the 30-day return that Amazon promises, but it was Amazon's policy for themselves and a couple of the Target store managers relented.

    Amazon told one customer that Target would set the policy for its own sales. But Target went with Amazon's 30-days for no-defects, due to expectations. Now, if you get the K3 from Target, that might help but it sounds as if you ordered it from Amazon.

  3. Expertise? You obviously haven't been to my local Staples. :)

    Which is right next door to the Target where I bought my Kindle & then had a hard time getting the price reduction but finally did.

  4. Andrys- A quick follow up. I returned the Kindle to Target today with no problems- full refund. Just told them it wasn't working right.
    Rick Askenase

  5. George, I'm lucky with my nearby Staples store, as it has a rotating bunch of staff, many of whom take pride in keeping up with details of the latest gadgets and who don't pretend to know something when they don't.

    Glad for your situation that they didn't ask what was defective and insist on doing an exchange (they don't even have K3's yet and should have run out of K2's) instead of giving the full refund.


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