Sunday, August 1, 2010

Time out, post-flooding note

Missed a day of blogging yesterday due to a burst valve cover and flooding, and now for 4 days will have 7 of the machines at the left going full tilt 24 hours a day, to 'dehumidify' (meaning it acts as a furnace and is very hot, with each one having loud fans that sound together like 3 vacuum cleaners going full tilt).  The 2nd one is a partial pic, saving you the rest of the bathroom.

It was like a geyser.  But the worst is over. Carpeteting was lifted and removed.

Will resume later on today. Thanks for your understanding, since I know people want new info each day.

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  1. Good luck! Our home was flooded in September 2009 during the Atlanta-area floods. Water in your home is never easy to deal with.

  2. Thanks, Anonymous.
    It won't be as bad as yours was but I do hate it. Right now that sound and heat is like water torture, ironically.

  3. Good luck Andrys. We're from Cedar Rapids, so we know a thing or two about floods!

    Keep up the excellent blog!

  4. Now I feel kind of guilty. Your home got flooded, carpets ripped out and you're now living in a simulated airport environment and you're worried about skipping a day blogging.

    We may be Kindle CRAZY, but we're not that demanding! Good luck sorting everything out :)

  5. Best of luck, hope there's no permanent damage apart from the destroyed carpets.

  6. Thanks, all. Finally back on for more than a few minutes at a time after another unit that was added blew the fuses. Am somewhat caught up and now to do some research.

    Anonymous (8:27:00 PM PDt),
    You might be surprised how many stop subscriptions when you miss one day :-) It's a fast world!

    FJ, yes, I see Cedar Rapids in the news too much for that kind of thing! And things affect the entire house that way too. Thanks re the blog!

    No, we were lucky having 911-tean arrive fairly quickly (after the 2nd call) and the fire dept guys were great. El Cerrito's Bryan, Pete and Tom. That huge DVac they bought was impressive in sucking up all that water. And they even did great clean-up work which I don't think is part of their job.

    My landlord's hardwood floors seem to be in good shape and the water was stopped before it could get deep into the other living areas, so, apart from all the heat and noise right now (my hair is actually warmed by the furnace-like things and it reminds me of being in a hot air balloon last October), it's all improving.

    If you've never seen what a big hot air balloon basket is like, here's one we were in that holds 22 people!

    (But turn down your speakers as the roar of the flame is grating and is unpleasant).

  7. Sorry to hear you've had to go through this. Hope it wasn't too unpleasant.

  8. Gordon,
    Thanks. Am writing this from a hotel now as the apartment temperature was at 97 today due those horrible machiens, and the contractors would not allow the windows to be open! because the humidity outside was higher and would not help in drying out the wood.

    Did you ever make a deal at Apple for your books?


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