Wednesday, August 11, 2010's very clear video preview of the Kindle 3's video preview of the Kindle 3 is the clearest I've seen and may be the first to show the back of the Kindle 3, which returns to the rubber-like backing similar to the type used for the first Kindle and will make the Kindle 3 easier to hold than the more slippery metal backing used for the Kindle 2 and DX models.

I did some screen captures from the video to 'stop' some of the images to get a better look at some of the features.

  The stills are on my PBase site, with brief captions.

There are two links to the video there also.

Click on any thumbnail to get the larger version of an image.
Then you can click on "Next" or "Previous" at top- or bottom-right to see other images.

I ordered the white-version but like what I see in this video.

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Kindle 3   (UK: Kindle 3),   DX Graphite

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  1. Nice photos. It really does look better, but I want to see photos of a black skinned K2 next to the K3 with the same size font of the same book to be sure.

  2. Anonymous, you can have an optical illusion of a lighter background with a black surrounding but that darker boundary cannot have an optical illusion of darker FONTs or the use of deeper blacks which all have agreed are darker on the K3s and DX Graphite. In fact, a black boundary will make blacks look lighter also.

    In the picture of the older white DX versus the graphite DX, the white DX's screensaver is boundaried by a DARK thin border. Even that doesn't help it, in comparison. Nevertheless, I like my old white one fine.

    That's at

    Guven Witteveen wondered the same and removed the boundaries on the images and put them together, and here are Guven's results.

    Besides, it's actually a matter of whether any of the devices satisfy you or not, no matter how they compare with another model, so Amazon has the 30-day full refund policy if you decide you don't like it enough.

    It's a good idea since you can't compare the old one (much less a black skin added to it) to the new one at Target, the only place you can see it at all...

  3. Thanks! That side by side of the border free DX birds is amazing. That really showed me the difference. I have a K2 just going out of its one year warranty, but I have 2 more years of square trade on it. I'm going to hold off on ordering the K3 until they are out and I can see one at Target. If I am really impressed and the reports on the wi-fi/3G internet functions are good I'll probably ask for one for x-mas and pass mine to my daughter.

  4. Anonymous,
    You make very good sense! But you have great self-control too, waiting until Xmas. Maybe your daughter won't want to wait that long :-)

  5. The only way to be sure if there's a real difference (and what you see isn't caused by differences in exposure and/or focussing of the camera for example) is to have a single image of both devices side by side.

    To me, from everything I've seen in pictures so far, the "higher contrast" on the new series Kindles and DXs isn't worth the cost of buying a replacement for a perfectly good K2 or DX.

  6. j,
    Many who have the old models and the new DX wholly disagree with you. It depends, really, on what the older DX or Kindle 2 was like.

    Some do have much lighter fonts and a somewhat darker screen. For them it'll make a lot of difference.

    Re Contrast - many need more of that than others do.

    My DX is great. My Kindle 2 is good but I could use more contrast. The DX is ultra readable in dimmer light -- not so the Kindle 2, and I have a quite good one.

  7. Hello. Cool blog!

    Any idea when the next generation of this device will come out? Also, what features would you like to see added when it does come out? THANKS!

  8. bluestart1954mjm,
    I've no idea when any new generation might come out.

    Much smoother web-browsing, smoother zooming on PDFs and on web...


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