Friday, March 23, 2012

BACH Birthday special, FRIDAY ONLY - 9 hrs for 99 cents, Bach Guild - full albums on mp3

Celebrating Johann Sebastian Bach's 327th birthday (but he doesn't age), eOne Music (formerly "Koch" label) has a one-day promo of 120 tracks of finest Bach works on an mp3 album for 99 cents total.

Excellent researcher Nancy Picchi sent this tip and it's from The New York Times Arts Beat, blogged by Daniel J. Wakin.  This is how Wakin describes it:
' The company, eOne Music – the label formerly known as Koch [and Vanguard is involved] – says it is selling the downloads to publicize its plans to reissue recordings by the Bach Guild, a label started in 1948 to make the composer’s works more widely available.  EOne Music said it also planned new recordings.

This promotional issue covers 120 tracks, and includes the B minor Mass, harpsichord and flute works, the “Italian Concerto,” orchestral suites and the “Brandenburg” Concertos.  Many of the versions hail from an earlier era of Bach interpretation, before a tendency to reduce the size of choruses and orchestras and play with a sharp eye toward period practice had set in, and they may sound dated to some ears.
  After Friday, the price goes up to $9.99 on digital retailers, eOne said. '

This includes the complete B minor Mass performed by the English Chamber Orchestra and Amor Artis Chorale, led by Johannes Somary, with other (concerto) works performed by I Solisti di Zagreb (this group was huge in 1960).  This music is timeless, as they say, and while I love the 'later' period-performance style and sound, I also enjoy, for different reasons, many late 19th C. interpretations almost as much.  In fact, many prefer the massive forces and slower tempi of late-19th C. style performances.  Some sections of that Bach B Minor are really beautiful (Crucifixus)

The somewhat thin-toned but expressive violinist Szigeti does the Partita No. 2.

Andras Schiff performs the Italian Concerto and French Suite No. 5 on the piano, and I've always liked his Bach.

The Vienna State Opera Orchestra does the complete set of four Orchestral Suites, under Felix Prohaska.

These were all first-class forces.  For 99 cents, how can you miss with this kind of material?

Remember, this promo ends around midnight tonight (Friday).

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  1. Not available in the UK. The album is available, but at the regular price. Thanks!

    1. redpola, thanks for the info though I'm sorry to read that it wasn't available to UK customers. Digital music seems to be a tough area.

  2. Wow, that's a great deal. I bought it late morning on Saturday March 24th, EST, so the deal seems to be lasting longer than expected. Thanks for posting about it!

    1. Anonymous, glad you liked the deal too. Someone else wrote to say they were also able to get the deal this morning. Good to know Amazon vendors sometimes don't cut promos off abruptly.


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