Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today only -- AmazonLocal offers a $10 Amazon Gift Card for $5

Many may have received (as I did) an email from AmazonLocal today saying that we can get a $10 Amazon GiftCard for $5 for today only, to spend at Amazon.
S O L D   O U T  already, I was told,
despite a clock saying 7 hours left at the time.

7:38PM Tuesday PDT.  This was a WASTE of Time not to make sure we knew there was a limit and that the limit was shown to us.  It wasted my time and that of readers.  I apologize for my part in it.  [I found out that some reading here were able to get it in time, at least.]

EARLIER, and no longer applies, thanks to a not-well-thought-out offer

They've had better deals, usually $20 for $10 but I thought I should make sure people know it's available.

Note that if you do take their offer, the idea is to let you know that AmazonLocal is available and has special deals in your area (which some Kindle-Special-Offer model owners already see) to save "up to 75% in your city."

You'd be subscribing to alerts of local deals in your local area, so you would start seeing these in your email if you don't already.

In my case, the email said, "We are no longer sending you daily deals, but we wanted to make sure you saw this special offer" and yet it says I'm subscribed to them and I don't remember opting out.  That email then gave me a link to unsubscribe from ALL AmazonLocal emails, which I haven't.

Amazon is a big investor in LivingSocial, Bloomberg Businessweek notes today while also saying that AmazonLocal is Amazon's "answer to deals sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial."

Their more-local offers are of course U.S. only, but they don't make it clear whether the Amazon offer today also applies to non-USA customers who are Amazon.com customers, but I'd think it's not likely because if you do "sign in to AmazonLocal" with your Amazon.com account, you'd not be in their U.S. areas.

If you check it out, of course remember Amazon's daily Kindle deal too, which changes each night around midnight and is primarily U.S., with some exceptions.

At the time I post this, less than 7 hours are left for the (small) AmazonLocal offer.

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  1. works for non-US too, at least Czech rep. Problem is we have 6hrs later so probably not many people here will use this information.

    1. Sim, thanks for that info. Glad you were able to get it in the Czech republic. I didn't get there in time, if you can believe it! :-)

  2. Amazon often does this sort of thing, particularly with battery prices. Their offers are rarely good for more than 10-15 hours. They seem intended to create a hype in the blog sphere (i.e. Kindle World) and, just as the mass effect takes off, Amazon withdraws the offer. It get lots of free publicity, in this case for Amazon Local, for relatively little money.

    When you hear of these offers, act quickly or you're likely to lose out. And take care to buy only what you'd have bought anyway. In my case, this coupon is going for an ebook that'll come out in April.

    1. Mike, I wish that weren't true. I thought I should let people know, then went to Twitter and tweeted it, did a few other things and then when I went to get my 'coupon' it was gone. They shouldn't have put the hour ticker on (in my case 7 hours left) without letting us know there might not be enough.

      Thanks for the advice.

  3. I'm in Australia and I check the Daily Deal every day (changes at a convenient 7pm here) and I would say the Deals are rather primarily available, with some exceptions. Probably less than one a week are not available. Of the current Monthly Deal one or two were not available. Obviously I didn't click on everything so I don't know the overall ratio but I bought 7 books from this month's offers so that's a pretty good ratio.

    1. Edith, that's very good news that most of the Daily Deals are usually available to you in Australia.

      Australia seems to be prime in Amazon's plans.

  4. It makes sense to me that there would be a limited quantity available of what is essentially free money.
    They would go broke if they gave away $5 to an unlimited number of people.
    I agree it would be nice if they would put up a bar like Woot does (88% sold!) or something like that.

    1. Anonymous,
      Yes, exactly what you say. A count of how many are left so that we know it's limited and how fast they're going. Thanks.


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