Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kindle Touch SOFTWARE UPDATE, VERSION 5.0.4 is available -- How to get it.


Kindle Touch Software Update, V5.0.4
is available online, and downloadable at the link, in case the update isn't already on your Kindle Touch and you decide you want it right away.

It's apparently been available since Feb. 29 but little was said about it and no one is quite sure what the maintenance updates are about.

  The only item I found that was fairly certain was that a dictionary does not have to be 'set' again as was needed often when you re-set the Kindle Touch.

  My Kindle Touch is still at v5.0.3 and the 'Update your Kindle" button is grayed out.  I'll be updating instead of waiting, although the latter will be easier for most. There is usually no functionality change in a maintenance update.

I recommend that most wait for it to happen unless they need to have it now and haven't been updated yet.  See further below on that.

As mentioned, here's the actual software update page for the Kindle Touch update v5.0.4 rather than have you choose from several possible ones on the general page.  They have been sending these types of updates out pretty quickly when they happen.

The reason given by Amazon for the update is the usual for light fixes:
"This update features general software improvements for Kindle Touch."

Amazon's directions on the software update page:
  1. Determine your software version: From Home, tap "Menu," and then tap "Settings." On the Settings screen tap "Menu" and select "Device Info." If you see "Firmware Version: Kindle 5.0.4" you're running the latest software. If you see a prior version, proceed with the following steps to update your Kindle Touch to the latest software.
  2. Download your software: Click on the link below to download the software update file directly to your computer:

At THIS point go to Amazon's page to get the actual file, linked under this #2 point. and follow the rest of the directions there.  It's pretty straightforward.  But it's important to follow EACH step completely to avoid problems.

  Important things to remember:
  . This uses your USB cable as you'd be opting to do this transfer manually.
  . Don't drop the file into one of the Kindle folders.  Put it at the top.
  . Make sure the transfer is complete before you disconnect.
  . Then 'safely disconnect' (depends on your computer) the Kindle.
  . Disconnect the USB cable from both your Kindle Touch and your computer.

After you're finished with that, follow Step #5 to start the Kindle up using the new updated software.

The software update will automatically download in the background and will be applied once download is complete and the device is asleep.

  If you have reactions to these changes or find any other ones, and have time, please let us know what you find.   Thanks.

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