Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kindle News: Special 1-day Deal on 8 World Literature Titles, The Nook's glow. Lightning on the bridge

"Eight great works of world literature"
make up the Kindle Daily Deal today.

The intro for Kindle deals that change nightly is at the usual Kindle Daily Deal

Here's the direct link, though, to the world-literature special, which is good for Sunday only.

  The one that caught my eye was "The Secret Piano: From Mao's Labor Camps to Bach's Goldberg Variations, by Zhu Xiao-Mei.  They're not the usual fare.

What the last few days have been like in my area

Lightning struck the Bay Bridge towers 9 times, which happened to be when I was ON the bridge from 8:30pm to 10pm with many cars caught in deep puddles in the tunnel that you couldn't steer in, so the speed was less than 5mph, while the Sound and Light! show kept our attention. It was pretty hairy. There were 750 lightning strikes in the bay area.
  There are additional shots in the slideshow there.

There's a news videoclip of some of it.  Not a tornado, but it was something.   I have to be away from the blog for one more day and back on that bridge, in better weather though.

Glowing Nooks
So now we see why we saw the "leak" of the glowing Kindle that isn't ready.  B&N announced it is coming out with theirs, due sometime in May.  In the meantime, a few have had a look at it, though very briefly.  It'll be 8 Led lights under another layer above the display layer but the ereader will be lighter and the battery will still last a month or so at 1/2 hr of reading a day with the light on. (Do people really read a book for less than 1/2 hour a day?)  The photo is from The Digital Reader.

This should be very attractive for people who have asked for years why there is no light for the screen. One article in Gizmodo by a writer (Kyle Wagner) who is keen for the current non-glow Nook as well, mentions there is a fall off in contrast due to the added layer but that it didn't bother him and he feels the slightly uneven light was no problem either.

TIME's Techland (Harry McCracken) writes that the illumination "isn't perfectly even -- I could make out discrete beams emanating from the LEDs along the top edge -- but it's bright enough..."  He'd prefer it to the "grayishness of standard E Ink, "although it does make it more obvious that you're looking at an electronic display."  He is partial to the iPad for reading, however so is not an E Ink devotee.

The long name given this new unit is "The Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight" which signals what others have been writing -- that there is no other change in functionality from the current non-glow Nook Touch.

  If you read the features-comparison between Nook and Kindle Touch devices and if you don't miss all that the Nook is lacking in features relative to the Kindles (even before the latest, large Kindle Touch software update), this will be a no-brainer to try.

I don't like external add-on lights myself, but I've used the Beam N Read light that you wear around your neck (good for 120 hours on a recharge) and I use it for everything else around the house, so I never have to attach a light to the Kindle.

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  1. my reading of your blog suffered because it was delivered to my kdx which mostly has its network off . I changed it to my kt. am witing this on the kt with the new smart keyboard, which is quite good (often a single or 2 character input is all that is required.

    internet is fairly speedy using WiFi at home. get lots of rain here -- so bad that it will stoptraffic on the interstate. not much lightning though. Have to go to Tampa for that -- worst in US.


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