Monday, April 9, 2012

Kindle News: FREE Android App for today-only prints computer items to Kindle Fire

ACTPrinter app for Android prints computer documents not to a printer but to Kindle Fire and other Android devices.

Normerly $1.99, you can get ACTPrinter app today for $0.00.

It allows you to organize the printfile versions it receives, by the way.

There are some things you should know, and it's easier to read them on a webpage than on the Kindle Fire screen when there are no paragraph breaks in a product description and you can't enlarge the tiny fonts of an Android store app description.

PCWorld ranked ACTPrinter as the #1 "Green App" - Bear in mind though that a printable file can be 500K or more as shown in the image I used from the product page. That's half a meg, or about 2/3rds the size of a normal novel.

From the product page:
'Have you ever wondered why you always end up printing those so-called electronic tickets, boarding passes, and similar documents? Ever wasted a sheet of paper to remember a will-call pickup number? ... ACTPrinter allows you to virtually "print" any document from your Mac or PC to your Android device.'
' Want to read documents on the go? ACTPrinter is for you. "Print" documents, e-mails, webpages, and more from any program on your computer directly to your Android device. Your computer will automatically detect your Android device when connected to your AirPort or Wi-Fi network - there's no need to type in an IP address. '

This requires installing a program on your computer, however.
' Computer Requirements

In order to use this app, you must install the free ACTPrinter companion software available at Houdah Software's website.  or PCs, you must have a computer with a Wi-Fi card that is running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista (x32 and x64), or Windows 7 (x32 and 64).  For Macs, you must have a computer with an Airport card that is running Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or later.  Please note that ACTPrinter is not designed to print hard copies, but "print" virtual copies to your Android device. '

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