Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kindle tips: Kindle Fire book download glitch; disappearing books; newly-free popular Read It Later app

When a newly-purchased book won't download

  Earlier I wrote about the solution two forumners found for a situation in which Kindle books seemed to disappear in both the Kindle Fire listings and in the "Cloud" (server) listings as well.

  Today's Kindle Fire tip is how to correct a glitch that causes a currently-purchased Kindle book to NOT download to the Kindle Fire, whether the attempted download is done via the Kindle Fire itself or from the Amazon ManageYourKindle page.

  The solution comes from forum member Josh -- and that is to:
  .  Lightly touch the gear or wheel icon at the top right
  .  Then select "+" or "More" to get Settings menu
  .  Select "My Account" (2nd on the settings list)
  .  Select "Deregister"

Once that's done, you can "Reregister" right away and all your info is there for you -- no need to retype it.

A mere deregister-register action saves a lot of time over the last-ditch "Reset to Factory Defaults" which I (and some senior Kindle support staff) feel should be a LAST choice, as a Factory-Default reset requires you to re-enter your basic Amazon and Kindle information and to select books and other media all over again (to re-populate the device) and to re-set up things the way you've wanted them, which can take an hour for most situations.

  Ashley seconds Josh's recommendation after his own experience based on the advice of a lone Kindle Fire specialist (among a few others who did not know a solution to this) who suggested he de-register and re-register the KFire.  Ashley wrote:
"This worked and it only took 10 sec. In addition I lost none of my settings/apps/content."

Popular Read It Later Android app renamed to "Pocket" and now free

paidContent's Laura Hazard Owen reports that Read It Later will no longer have a $2.99 Pro version and will be known as Pocket, as it makes it "simple "to take any content users discover, with them no matter where they go."

  The founder, Nate Weiner, told Owen that the app was profitable right away and has been the "number-one paid news app on Android and Kindle Fire."  He says he's after a different business model now, which he'll explain this summer.

  The app already has 4.5 million users and its most popular source of content to take to enjoy "later" is Youtube and its videos.
' Forty percent of items saved aren’t articles but content like videos, images, things to buy, travel tips and recipes. '

  Owen adds that the new version of the app "makes it easier to filter content by type and to tag and organize it."

  If you already own Read It Later Pro, you'll just need to update the app.
"Users of the free version have to download Pocket separately."

  The Amazon product page emphasizes the new user-interface and the Content-Type filter -- "Pocket automatically filters your content so that you can quickly switch between articles, videos, and images."

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  1. The Deregister/Register option will work, with one caveat. Deregistering your Kindle Fire will remove all Amazon purchased items from the device, and everything that you want continual access to--when not connected to wireless--must be downloaded again. It is all still there 'in the cloud', but it gets a bit tedious to have to go through your entire library, and touch "Download", "Download, "Download" . . .

    I have a fairly large collection of books, and it usually takes overnight to complete the entire download.

    1. Bob,
      It's the Set to Factory Defaults (that I'm against unless it's absolutely necessary) that removes Amazon-purchased items.

      I've done deregistration and re-registration when there are little glitches and it doesn't lose anything.

  2. There is a better way... Clear the data in your Amazon Kindle application. It will restore your books in your cloud without losing books or apps downloaded on your device. It is under "more" and then "applications".

    1. Daniel, my blog post specifically gives this application data erase method for fixing disappearing books in the first couple of paragraphs. I had blogged the tip some time ago and it still applies when needed.

      Actually, it takes longer for what this person wants, because it has to REBUILD the application data as I describe in that very Kindle tip linked -- and it rebuilds the cloud listing too.

      All this person wants is ONE book to download, and not his entire application data reloaded. With deregister/register, everything stays in place but it seems to get rid of whatever cacheing problem prevents the download of one newly-purchased book.

  3. Set your application settings. Change the default settings to your desired configuration.

    Kindle information


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