Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kindle News: Amazon launches "50+ Active & Healthy Living" store, w/ 22,000~ Kindle books. Comparison: Movies on Kindle Fire and iPad

Amazon launches new 50+ Active and Healthy Living Store

  Here's Amazon's new 50+ Active and Healthy Living Store itself, which features "hundreds of thousands of items" in one place.

  And of course, there's a Kindle Book area for topics of particular interest to this group.  This link goes to the list of books sorted by Low to High pricing.  Here's one for the listing sorted by New and Popular.

Featured are "nutrition, wellness, exercise and fitness, medical, personal care, beauty, entertainment items and more."  There's also a Resource Center with tips on healthy eating (might be good for younger folks as well), caregiving and other topics.


A particularly popular item with people I know (I'm not active enough to have one) is the Fitbit Activity Plus Sleep Tracker, which also wakes you, but not your partner, with a silent alarm.

Correcting bad information seen in a comparison report between Kindle Fire HD and iPad just now
It's frustrating to see this happen so much.  At TV Predictions, the TV Answer Man answers questions.  Today's is "Which is Better for Movies? Kindle Fire HD or iPAD."
  You can read it for yourself at the link, but here are my corrections to what he said and additions to another commenter who gave reasons he doesn't himself prefer iPad for movies.

  There are probably some details here that many don't know, so I'm hoping this will help to have more correct info somewhere.
' Did you realize you were comparing display resolution of the 7" Kindle Fire to the 10" iPad instead of using the 8.9" Kindle Fire's higher resolution for that comparison?

1. The 8.9" resolution is not 1280 x 800 pixels; it's 1920 x 1200, which is quite a difference.

Even on the 7" model, the lower 1280x800 on a 7-inch device looks very good on the much smaller device and is much higher actual resolution than the comparably-sized iPad mini (7.9") , the iPad mini being only 1024 x 768 pixels and almost 8" large (and of course more expensive).

The 8.9" wider screen on the Kindle Fire, with that 1920 x 1200 pixels (that's Retina standards on a 9") also fits the new wide-screen movies much better, leading to less letterboxing (black bars above and below, for the very popular wide-screen movies today) so the image winds up being almost as large.

  Using the Dolphin web browser and an ice-cream Android copy of Adobe Flash Player, I can easily see full episodes of TV series on several TV networks on-demand.  These are in Flash, which Apple itself doesn't support and therefore specific apps must be done for each on the iPad.

2. Yes, both Kindle Fires have a built in microHDMI port and can be cabled directly to an HDMI TV, which some have done in hotel rooms even, to watch Internet (or tablet) fare.  With Apple you can buy extra hardware and do that too but it's just adding a cable to the Kindle Fire HD's.

  Also, the Kindle Fire has stereo speakers on each side of the tablet when viewing movies (Landscape) and also Dolby Digital Plus which adjusts frequencies for material or content, like speech, to make it clearer.  (The Apple has speakers right next to each other on one side only.) '

For a $231 difference (the 16GB iPad is $500, the 16GB Kindle Fire HD 8.9" is $269), the above is worth knowing.

  But then, the 32GB 7" Kindle Fire which is HD also, in its smaller size, is now $229, while the 32GB iPad is $600, a $371 difference.   The 8GB storage spec has been dropped by most and not far off, so will the 16GB if you look half a year ahead, due to the very large files involved in multimedia tablets.

Check often: Temporarily-free recently published Kindle books
  Guide to finding Free Kindle books and Sources.  Top 100 free bestsellers.  Liked-books under $1
UK-Only: recently published free books, bestsellers, or £5 Max ones
    Also, UK customers should see the UK store's Top 100 free bestsellers.

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