Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kindle Fire News: Amazon's 32GB Kindle Fire HD 7-inch tablet now $229 ($20 lower).

Screenshots from Google Maps and Street View apps on my Kindle Fire HD 7"

Google Map of San Francisco Bay Area

Via Street View app, here's the Presidio area.

(Click on an image to see the larger version.)

Amazon's Kindle Fire HD 7" Tablet product page shows a new, lower price on 32GB model

  The 32GB model (which I did buy w/o thinking twice because video, alone, takes a lot of storage space, and so do any enhanced Kindle books and certainly graphics-rich magazines) has been $249 but the price was changed today to $229.

  That's likely due to reduced prices on parts for Amazon, and they may not have sold as many of those as the 16GB model because many people don't realize how much storage space can be taken up with the multimedia files that are so popular on tablets.

  I've changed the comparison table for Kindle Fire HD 7", Google Nexus, and iPad mini to reflect the new pricing.

Will restate something I inserted the other day in the middle of a blog article on the new Enhanced Kindle books with audio/video, because it's germane here, and now the price difference between the 16GB and 32GB models of the 7" HD tablet is just $30.
  The basic Kindle Fire HD 7" tablet can store 16 Gigs but a few gigs are used for system files.  I bought the 32G model and 5 gigs are set aside for system files.

  If I'd bought only the 16G basic Kindle Fire, I'd have almost no storage space left by now, as I have only 16 gigs remaining on my 32G tablet.

  Of course we can always remove files from a device, and any Kindle purchases (and personal documents we've sent to our "Personal Documents" storage space (via EMail) are re-downloadable at any time, when we actually want or need to read them.

  I tend to keep a lot of favorite Youtube video files on my tablet, but there's no reason that I need to have as many books ON the device as I do.

So, I'm glad they lowered the price on this, as I feel it makes more sense with multimedia devices to get 32GB, even if with care via use of the Cloud and computer backups, the 16GB ones can be fine.

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