Saturday, July 11, 2009

Amazon refund / Is Imitation the highest form of flattery?

China's Founder Group, a major Chinese technology conglomerate, has just demonstrated (MobileRead forums reports) an e-book reader, apparently named the "WeFound," that certainly looks familiar!

  UPDATE: 6:58 AM - See the high-resolution version found by Kindle Zen.  Story for that, here.

Amazon's patent that protects the look and feel of the Kindle shell is not likely to have any effect in China.  TadW at the forum says that he's heard the device is operated with TD-SCDMA/3G and that Founder Group is currently evaluating it with the Guangming Daily newspaper and he wonders if this could be them.  Note the illustration at the bottom left.  Oddly enough the device has a QWERTY keyboard and "nathanb" describes how pinyin letters entered via that keyboard work to output in Chinese.

As mentioned in the first report below:
'...people who just recently bought Kindle 2s (within the last 30 days ... are being given $60 refunds when they request one.

The phone number for Kindle customer service is 866-321-8851.'
Also, I received an email from a reader who was happy with Amazon's policy, reporting that
"Zak (the Amazon CS rep) asked me to tell anyone who might be in a similar situation that Amazon will extend that refund to anyone who has purchased a K2 within the last 30 days.  Just call."
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