Wednesday, July 8, 2009

DX photos updated with Mighty Bright lit ones

Added 3 shots of the Kindle DX taken at night with the first two images lit only by the Mighty Bright UltraFlex2 Clip-On Light.

The black one shown on the Amazon page as the "Kindle Version" is highly rated by well over 800 customers, and I don't know what might make it different from the silver one I have except that about 3 of the reviews mention it has padding inside the clip.  I don't know if this is true, since any padding is not advertised and is sold for use with the cover -- but I ordered one to see, because I normally use the silver one seen in my pictures, clamped onto the Kindle cover rather than the Kindle itself.  And I see that one customer says the silver one (seen on the same product page lower down) is less expensive now and is the same as the black "Kindle" one.  I'll know soon.  You can't go wrong with either one.

  Another reason I want the black one is that the silver one tends to strongly reflect back the light shining down from its lamp and distracts me a bit.  I did have an older black light and that was better re reflected light or glare but I lost that one.

  The DX is larger than the Kindle 2 by enough so that I tend not to read it with the cover the way I do with the Kindle 2.  So I've started using the light on the Kindle itself (not quite as easy to use that way).  The pictures indicate it's touching the screen but it isn't, as the clamp starts further in.  I'm aware it could scatch the bezel of the Kindle, but so far it's okay.  I don't recommend using it that way though, as it's not as secure and could scratch the bezel or even the screen. :-)

UPDATE 7/15/09 - Original posting was made 7/8/09.
I received the black "Kindle version" of the Mighty Bright on Tuesday and it does have an added foam pad that's placed inside the upper clamp, to help prevent scratching the Kindle's (or any other e-reader's) bezel.
Both versions have a pad on the inside of the lower part of the clamp.
  This is important to me because I prefer to use the DX without a cover, and at night I can use this light on the Kindle instead of on a cover.  It's less loose than my older silver one so is more secure on the Kindle -- and the neck, while still flexible, gives some resistance so that it doesn't move from its position as easily as the older version does.  When I put it on the Kindle, it just stayed in the same place and I could place the neck/lamp where I wanted without also causing movement of the base/clamp.

  This Mighty Bright Ultraflex2 lives up to its name, using 2 super-leds in the lamp, has a switch allowing you to use both (very bright) or just one of the led lights.  It uses 3 regular AAA batteries.  The neck is both flexible and stable - easy to move it into a spot where there's no bothersome glare on the Kindle while it stays in place with no problem.  It's about 3 oz. and this edition was first made available in Feb 2009 while the silver one has been out since 2007.  At the top of the black Mighty Bright page, there is a video of a customer giving a demo of the light.

  In the 3 pictures I added, the first two are taken in the kitchen with no room lights on.  Despite the bluish gray look -- in real life, the light on these in a dark room actually makes the screen look a very light gray, sometimes almost white (similar to the 3rd picture).

  The 3rd picture added is of the Jules Verne screensaver while the Kindle is on the floor, against a door.  This room was lit by a dim overhead bulb while the Kindle DX itself was lit by the Mighty Bright clipped onto it though not showing in the image.  The shade of the screen background is closer to what you see when you use the clip-on light with the unit at night.  This light is highly recommended, whichever version you get.

 The first two pictures in the updated DX set are of a PDF in normal vertical/portrait mode and then the result when the Kindle is rotated, giving a decidedly more easy to read wider-screen version,although it requires you to press the "Next Page" button to get to the lower half of a screen.
  For me it is worth pressing Next Page (though with multi-column format you would also press "Prev Page" to get to the top half again).

 I wish they'd add the native PDF support capability and manual rotation to the smaller Kindle 2, as it is available on most small competitor units being made in the last 2 months, although those new ones don't have the Kindle's study-capabilities (annotations/searches/inline-dictionary, backups) or the 24/7 wireless capability. Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
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