Monday, July 6, 2009

My No-Hands-On Photos of Kindle DX at Work

There are about 20 photos at my KindlePlus page.  The link goes to a gallery of thumbnails, and you can click on any one of them for the larger version.

  It's easier, after clicking on a thumbnail photo, to continue by just pressing "Next" (or "Previous") at the top-right of each image. Going back to the thumbnails takes more time.
  Sometimes the photo-hosting site is slow; if so, it's better to try another time.

  If you have a question about any image, you can leave a note in the lower left-hand area of the image page.  Email addresses are not needed, but there's a delay on the postings of questions to minimize spam.

  If you are using Windows, you can toggle the F11 function key to get full screen by temporarily hiding the toolbars.  When you're finished, press the F11 key again to get the toolbars back.

I took pictures of the Kindle DX screen displays when browsing the web, as I wanted to see how much of a help the Landscape mode is. As with some PDFs, quite a help!

  But it re-loads the page from scratch!, so I won't be doing it that much.

I neglected to take a shot of one key PDF page (one that's in tiny print) in Landscape mode to show how much larger the text can be under the right cirumstances. Will add that later.

We've seen enough photos of the DX by now, but I've also added a couple of pictures showing it displaying the same book or web page as either the Kindle 1 or the Kindle 2 though I can't begin to do justice to the very solid dark, clear font of the DX.

UPDATE: 7/7/09 - 3:25 PM - I finally realized that since I had the DX in a smaller font when presenting it next to the K2 and K1, that was not an especially good way to show it.  The DX's default #3 font is larger than the Kindle 2's (which does make the DX look even bolder too) so I had gone down to #2.

  I will take a couple of more images later so that it'll be a fairer representation of spacing, instead of the very crowded page I showed.  In person, the #2 font is so sharp it didn't occur to me that it was too small for photographing.
  Also, will add a couple of night-time pictures with the Mighty Bright light attached to the Kindle. Should be up in a couple of days.

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