Thursday, July 2, 2009

Len Edgerly / Bufo Calvin - recommended books

I recently came across a couple of books that I want to recommend to readers.

A Poet's Progress at Bennington - Vol 1, a mix of commentary on other poets and some of his own original poetry, by Len Edgerly, host of The Kindle Chronicles Friday podcast.

I just recently met the author in connection with his very popular podcast but have listened to his newsy and varied podcast for some time, as it's a great way to keep up with the Kindle scene.  I downloaded the book because I like the way that Len handles the podcast and the quality of his interaction with others during these weekly sessions.

  After being intrigued by the insights in his poetic output and in his thought-filled commentaries, I wrote him about things I remembered as a result of reading his often dream-like rendering of some experiences that had a rather profound impact on him.  I see that Len has written a summary of his book -- how it came about, what it contains, etc.  I highly recommend this rich collection of reflections which costs only $1  !

  I also bought his short book Cold Turkey in Paradise: Twelve Days Off the Internet at Maho Bay" which has an excellent review by Edukindle's William DeLamater, who offers the ultra useful Kindlepedia.
  An account of a grand effort to stay off the Internet while on vacation is something obviously of interest to me and since it was by the Internet-active Edgerly, I downloaded it on the spot and find that it's a very entertaining book.  I overidentified with it.  But then I do the opposite of what he chose to do -- I enjoy my vacations and then enjoy them even more when I can find the Internet at night :-)

Frequently Asked Kindle Questions
by Bufo Calvin, a regular at the Amazon forums who is much appreciated for his thorough answers to, I'd say, constantly-asked Kindle questions, or CAKQ :-).

Bufo, a professional educator, has put his comprehensive answers to all these questions into a book readable on the Kindle and makes an effort to cover the Kindle 1 and 2 as well as the Kindle DX.  Although I'd like to see some indentations in some of the answers to see the subject matter more easily, the answers are quite complete, even covering what he feels or knows are the reasons for some of Amazon's decisions, including policies described in Kindle guidelines such as book and account sharing and current limitations on international purchases.  Any Kindle owner should get a copy of this book, especially when all this comes for only $1.

  Bufo has other Kindle books available, including one with ready-links to free books for the Kindle and advice on navigating some of the sites involved, and another that advocates for customers with disabilities -- explaining the controversy over publisher/author-disabling of obviously computer-voiced text-to-speech (proceeds for this one go to purchasing Kindles for non-profit organizations). Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
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