Monday, March 22, 2010

Amazon previews Kindle for Tablets - Update2

The banner above is Amazon's from a preview given, per's Parm Mann, who tells us that Amazon "has provided a first look at its upcoming Kindle Apps for Tablet Computers."

UPDATE2 - Here is Amazon's own Kindle Apps for Tablet Computers page now ready for Amazon customers.

He writes that they are showing device-specific Kindle applications, not surprisingly with a specific focus on the Apple iPad.  The app, pictured in the banner shown, according to the Hexus website, will revolve around a new home screen that lists books on a backdrop designed to change based on the time of day.

Mann adds that in the pictured example (the familiar figure reading under a tree), the image will show the sun rising and setting in real time.

Amazon has adopted the iPad's page-turn animation, but those preferring the traditional page turn will have the option of reverting to "Basic Reading" mode.

The Kindle app will offer the ability to "customize background colour and font size to ease eye strain."  (The spelling is British because Hexus is based in Great Britain.)

 There's no confirmed release date for the Kindle App yet, but they say Amazon is said to be working to ensure its app is present at the iTunes store for April 3, when the first US iPads are delivered.

UPDATE - MediaMemo's Peter Kafka says that the Kindle App won't be ready by April 3 because they need to test it on the actual device first.

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