Thursday, March 11, 2010

iPad's missing core apps. Free-books page update

Free and Low-Cost Books page Update
Added two free book online sources to the ongoing free-books article.  Also, Two RSS readers are not catching that article for some reason and it doesn't display for their subscribers, so this is a way to get to it.
    If there's interest, I can make a downloadable copy of it for the Kindle, for Kindle Edition subscribers, as a sort of reference, though it's currently not well-organized.

Minor Puzzle on iPAD's core apps

I first read from Trusted Review's Gordon Kelly that Apple has pulled core apps from the iPad.  While they mention the Daring Fireball blog has a possible answer, they reference a Wired article by Brian X. Chen for the basic details.

Chen noticed that Apple's press statement for the official release date of its iPad Apple suggested the iPad won't ship with all the apps that came with the iPhone.
' Apple’s press release states the iPad includes “12 new innovative apps designed especially for the iPad.”  That number presumably refers to the brand new Videos app and the redesigned iPod, Maps, Photos, Mail, Safari, App Store, iTunes, YouTube, Contacts, Calendar and Notes apps that were present on demo units of the iPad in January. '
He notes that the iPhone ships with some apps that appear to be left out from the iPad: Stocks, Calculator, Clock, Weather and Voice Memos.  Why?  He thinks they'll be in the Apps store for free download.

  I remember people talking about space for more core apps the way they were distributed on the screen at the time.  So, maybe they're working on revisions to suit the iPad.

  Chen mentions that blogger Kevin Fox thinks they'll reintroduce the missing apps as Dashboard widgets that run in the background, accessible with the F12 hot key, since they were originally Dashboard widgets, except for Voice Memos.

He adds: "(Contrary to popular belief, the iPhone can multitask, but it’s limited to running a select few apps made by Apple in the background...)"

See the pictures at Wired.

Trusted Reviews's Kelly explains Daring Fireball blogger John Gruber's theory that these particular apps originally made for much smaller screens just would not look very good on the iPad, either because they'd be really tiny, in a 3.5" rectangle, surrounded by a huge blank space, or the user could choose to fill the screen with it and it would then be in quite substandard resolution and the design would look odd.  Read the article for the full explanation of why it probably happened.  Gruber says they were therefore scrapped by "you know who."

The article also has a link to the long, official Apple introductory video by several excited executives using the mantra "It's the best...," "magical," "revolutionary."

 I like the look of the product but not this overdone delivery of it.

The article also carries the HP Slate video I linked to yesterday.  Competition looks fierce for both tablets and e-readers. Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
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