Friday, March 26, 2010

New Free Kindle Book(s) late March 2010

(Had to make a new, separate entry for this, as the RSS-feed Google Reader does not move the recent new free Kindle books to the current date on the feeds.  Click for other recent books.)

NEWLY/TEMPORARILY FREE BOOKS - NOT Recommendations, but only Alerts
UPDATED 3/26/10 (Orig'l post was dated 3/13 at 11:50 AM)
Publish on Amazon Kindle with the Digital Text Platform, by   315K size (small)   Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, March 14, 2010
No customer reviews yet, current price $0.00

Text-to-speech: Enabled.  Genre: Desktop publishing, Graphic Design, Reference
From Product Description:  "A guide to publishing your book on Kindle with Amazon’s Digital Text Platform (DTP).  DTP is a fast and easy self-publishing tool that lets anyone upload and format their titles for sale in the Kindle Store.  If you have an account, you're already signed up with Digital Text Platform. ...  Digital Text Platform gives you everything you need to become your own publisher today."

Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus: How the Jewishness of Jesus Can Transform Your Faith, by Ann Spangler.   802K size (normal)   Publisher: Zondervan, June 1, 2009 & March 23, 2010
42 customer reviews with 4-1/2 stars out of 5, current price $0.00

Current hardcover price: $14.95.  Audio: $15.59 Genre: Christology, Bible, Faith
From Product Description:  "What would it be like to journey back to the first century and sit at the feet of Rabbi Jesus as one of his Jewish disciples? How would your understanding of the gospel have been shaped by the customs, beliefs, and traditions of the Jewish culture in which you lived?"

UPDATED 3/24/10 (Orig'l post was dated 3/13 at 11:50 AM)
The Twelve Sacred Traditions of Magnificent Mothers-in-Law, by Haywood Smith.
6 customer reviews with 5 stars out of 5, current price $0.00

Current paperback price $9.95. Genre: Family Relationships
From Product Description:  A very Southern mother-in-law's humorous advice to mothers-in-law everywhere. From the multiple New York Times bestselling author of The Red Hat Club. Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
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