Monday, October 4, 2010

Amazon finally sells the Apple iPad itself. In stock w/ Amazon customer svc

Apple iPad is now being carried by Amazon itself rather than just through 3rd party carriers.

That second picture is of the $13.69 CrazyOnDigital Black Leather Case For Apple iPad, which is getting 4 out of 5 stars from 86 customers so far and apparently priced, retail, at $39.99.

The third picture is of the Apple iPad Keyboard Dock.

Added here, since many Kindle owners have iPads and many have been considering one for non-daytime-reading purposes.

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  1. link doesn't list Amazon as a reseller, only 3rd parties.
    Could in theory be because I'm not in the US, but I've never before noticed Amazon filtering what you can see based on whether they'll actually sell it to you (a major annoyance in some cases, like Kindle content where more often than not as a non-US customer you have to wade through dozens of books not available to you before finally finding one they will sell to you).

  2. "many Kindle owners have iPads and many have been considering one for non-daytime-reading purposes."

    Incandescent light bulbs have been around for a century or so. Books worked even before that.

  3. Actually, I was speaking, within the context of this device-oriented blog, of people who would not have considered getting an iPad for reading purposes, especially not for daylight, who do want one for its other features.

    I don't want one because my Netbook is great and does many more things I would miss if limited to an iPad.

    However, re night-time reading, I use a clip-on light. And now one I like that is worn around the neck. Better than lamps for me.

    But others will have or have wanted iPads for their own reasons and that should be enough.

  4. Got 4 laptops, a netbook, and a PDA (and a Kindle and 2 iPods).
    People seem surprised I've no interest in iPads for some reason.

  5. Well, it IS surprising, given your interest in numerous gadgets.

    I have only 1 laptop and 1 netbook and 1 desktop, a cell phone with no web access (I'm cheap), and the iPad just has not drawn me mainly because of my netbook which I use constantly and which can do a lot more. So, I do understand why you'd not be drawn to one either.

    They sold 3 million in the first 80 days. We've gone another 80 days but received no numbers this time. There's no doubt they sell well, but it may have slowed down a bit after the most Apple-bound got theirs immediately.

  6. Ms Basten,

    I'm glad your a fan of the Kindle, and I got one for a throw away e-reader, but with people predicting 12 million sold this year, your really shouldn't bash Apple for not reporting numbers... Has Amazon ever announced a sales number? That would be no...

  7. Anonymous,
    I "bashed" Apple by saying "We've gone another 80 days but received no numbers this time."

    THAT's "bashing"? How oversensitive. But I'm glad you're one who reads an entire page.

    Actually, when a product is a large part of a company's revenue, financial laws here require reporting of sales numbers.

    Some say that's why Apple reports their numbers. These are not sidelines for them.

    With Amazon, the Kindle is less than 5% of its revenue, so there's no requirement to report it and they can keep dedicated e-reader competitors off-balance a bit (as happened with B&N last Christmas) when they don't know how many they should produce (cost being a consideration).

    Thanks for reading despite your Kindle being just a throw-away e-reader :-)

  8. I may be missing something, but wouldn't such a projection and subsequent lack of reporting be precisely the reason to bash Apple? Companies in general are naturally eager to publish favorable details and uninterested in publishing unfavorable news ... sometimes it's necessary to hold their feet to the fire, as it were, to ensure that people have an accurate picture.

    Why not ask where iPad sales stand? If you're a prospective customer, you might want to know ... and if you're a current or prospective stockholder, it would probably help you more to have an accurate idea of sales to date rather than a page of projections by random people over the next year or two, which is apparently what you get when you search for "iPad sales" now.

    Apple is by no means the only company guilty of this, of course. For example, Barnes and Noble haven't really said much about their Nook, er, NOOK in the last few months, other than that sales were "spectacular". (Yeah, that's really what they said.) And if people mention NOOK in the comments, I'm sure something like that will come up as well. :)

  9. zlionsfan,
    Good points. I think though that it's not "bashing," as Anonymous termed it, to just state that this time Apple hasn't given figures for 80 days as they did before but eventually sales figures are required in their case for their hardware that is a substantial part of their business.

    Amazon doesn't give figures because it's not required to, as I mentioned and it gives a bit of a competitive edge to be able to keep the other dedicated e-reader makers wondering how much they should spend on stocking units now sold nationwide in another store also.

    HOWEVER, when people say that Amazon is not giving sales numbers, that's not bashing either. Just a fact.

    Some people, as you also point out, just want to know, get an idea of how popular something is, before they put their money down as they see it as a form of security. No maker is likely going to want to disappoint a large crowd of paying customers, so that is a point some buyers look for whether or not that's information they'll get in hard numbers.


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