Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kindle 3 Software Update v3.0.2 release alert

 This Alert is placed here because Google Reader doesn't recognize the updating of the older post revised today when sorting by date.

 To see the Kindle 3 Software Update v3.0.2 Official Release blog post, click here to get to that post if you're reading via RSS on Google Reader.

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  1. I installed version 3.0.2 beta firmware several days ago. I wonder if the official release is different.

  2. Pete,
    It's the same and hasn't been changed from what I read. It won't allow you to use it to update the Kindle for that reason. No harm even if you try but no reason to.

  3. I finally got my Kindle 3 from Target today. Graphite. I'll be uploading the update tonight. To coin a phrase from Apple-land: It's a lot more snappier than K2.

    It's much easier to read on this device than the previous one. As always, a timely and great blog Andrys.


  4. Yes it is, Rick!

    Because of that (and the lightness), it's even more addictive.

    Thanks, and congratulations!

  5. I updated last night, and I've not noticed any difference from either update, so far, if I'm honest.

    There are only 2 things I'd like to see rectified:

    1. The problem that seems to exist on some web pages where you can't enter text into text boxes.

    2. The ability to connect to a corporate wifi network. I'd send documents to my kindle and take it to meetings if I could connect to the network and send them to my free Kindle address to download by wifi. I do this if I have the documents in advance (and download at home), but often meetings are arranged on the day or agendas are late arriving.

    Love the blog, Andrys!

  6. Stuart, thanks!
    If your Kindle 3 was already up to snuff, there's no noticeable differences from installing v3.0.2, but I noticed web-browsing was more stable in that it's hard to disturb memory enough to make it reboot anymore from insufficient memory.

    There was a suggestion that a modem software problem was causing some oddities for some Kindlers. The forums had several threads on those and then after this update, they just stopped. Battery use improvements too. And definitely faster page-turns for those suffering from ones that took a whole second :-)

    I'm with you on that inability to enter text into text boxes. I was hoping they'd fix that before this was official, but they can do that v3.0.3, I suppose. Must have been difficult to fix while assuring that the rest would remain ok for everyone.

    Re the other -- enterprise networks aren't supported ... This is why people ought to get the 3G/WiFi when they can afford it. It would just work at the office or almost anywhere.

    I'm used to it and can't imagine being without it to save $50 for the life of the device when the 3G use carries no hourly/monthly charges.

    However, in the U.S., it's 15c per document (if the file is under a meg, as most are), but I think normally I can handle that!

    At work, until then, download what you need and use the USB cable to move it to the Kindle's "documents" folder. That still works... though it's a bit of a hassle with the Safe-Eject process etc.

    Hmmm -- if you attach your Kindle as an external USB drive, the documents on your server can be moved directly to the Kindle's 'documents' folder. The computer just sees it as another drive.

    They don't even have to go to the computer first. Does that make sense for you?

  7. Thanks for the feedback. You're right, I need to buy another cable to keep at work. I don't like carrying it around if I can avoid it.

    I do have the 3G Kindle 3, I'm just too big a skinflint to pay for the Docs to be sent to my Kindle. :)

  8. Hi,

    I have a graphite Kindle 3 WiFi+3G, version 3.0.1 in South Africa (serial number starts with a B00A)

    The kindle 3.0.2 software update has been out for about a week now. Does it get automatically downloaded and installed? Apart from checking the software version on the menu from the home screen, how can I tell if it is being updated or downloaded? Also the "Update my kindle" menu item in the settings menu is grey-ed out, does this mean that there isn't a version available for my kindle?



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