Thursday, October 21, 2010

Software v3.0.3 improvements reported plus Update to Kindle for Mac

There are already customer reports, at the Amazon Kindle Community forums, on the new early preview of Kindle 3 software update v3.0.3.  Changes that were noted:

  1. Those who are using screensaver 'hacks' will see no changes in that the screensavers they installed will still work. 

   However, the update prevents was said to prevent installation of new screensavers, for now, but two commenters here were able to install screensavers under v3.0.3's preview update.  This usually happens with new Kindle software updates and then a fix is created in a day or two.  Amazon Kindle support has said in the past that the screensaver modifications are ok but that people do anything at their own risk.  I'm not advocating use of customized screensavers, just reporting any alleged software-update impact on these.  My feeling is that Amazon should do what Barnes & Noble does from the start - "allow" customized screensavers. 

  2. Page turns in general are faster

  3. Page turns that were sluggish with the smallest fonts are "considerably faster" than with v3.0.2.

  4. Web browsing is faster - pages load more quickly, including when navigating between home pages.  There are less login-input problems.

  5. Very large PDFs don't seem to stump some Kindle  (UK: K3's) anymore.

  6. There are three reports that the text seems darker and the contrast better.  That is surprising.

  7. Improved WiFi access

PC Magazine's Sara Yin reports the improvements that those using Kindle for Macs will see if they download the latest free update.

Amazon's Kindle application for Apple OS X is now open to international users for the first time, according to Yin in this article, although Amazon's page for this Kindle app doesn't mention it being new.

New features include
  . searching the text,
  . adding, editing, and deleting notes and highlights, and
  . reading in multi-column mode.

Kindle 3's   (UK: Kindle 3's),   DX Graphite

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  1. Sadly, still no way to open a link in a new window. But the issue with logging in to mobile sites seems to be fixed.

    Performance with small text sizes definitely improved with an earlier update, hard to say if it improved more with this one but in any case it is not noticeably sluggish (I use size 1 nearly all of the time).

  2. Oh, and the update bricked my Kindle on the first attempt, and I had to restore factory settings, wiping out all content. Fortunately had backups.

    No idea why it happened. After copying the update file, and ejecting Kindle from the computer, it was locked up and I had to attempt hard reset. After that, it failed to boot.

  3. Tom, thanks for that. Sad about the new-window limitation still.

  4. Tom,
    Bricked ???

    That's serious. Any other reports of that? I'm at a conference just checking in for a bit.

  5. Er, I haven't had *any* reports of users not being able to add new screensavers since the update on the hack thread, and I'm pretty sure it does work as usual.

  6. NiLuJe,
    I linked to the forum where they were discussing that. Will update the situation later. Am just checking in briefly while away.

  7. NiLuJe again,
    You might want to post there to let people know.

  8. As for the increased speed, being so universal it seems, perhaps they just cranked up the processor speed. Keep an eye on battery life.

  9. Does anyone know how Amazon structures/schedules their update rollouts? I'm still not at 3.0.2. I thought maybe it wouldn't happen automatically unless the Kindle was on charger power (for safety sake) so I started leaving it on the cable overnight, but I'm still waiting.

  10. Haven't seen any other 'bricked' reports. My special talent for trouble finding is in evidence. :^)

  11. Anonymous,
    They send official update releases in batches, over a period of a few weeks.

    The wireless must be ON for it to happen of course since how can they reach you if it is off.

    I'd just leave it on overnight, plugged in and then it doesn't deplete your battery power for that session.

    But if you read my posts on this carefully, they tell you how to put it your Kindle yourself if you're in a hurry and want to try it and give feedback to them.

    You have a 'gift' !

  12. Andrys, I installed the new update and have still been able to add new sceensavers. I usually restart the Kindle after adding the new files; maybe those who are experiencing problems should try that strategy.

    Enjoy your blog.

  13. Michael, thanks.
    NiLuJe said the same. Will modify the body of the article when I update next!

  14. Hello Andrys,
    since i am using the 3.0.3 Firmware Preview on my Kindle 3 (European, 3g/Wifi) i've got problems with highlighting in pdfs. After confirming a highlighting with a click on the center control button it starts saving it but then the whole highlighting jumps a few lines down. So as a result i am not able to use highlighting in PDFs properly anymore, which has never been an issue before 3.0.3. Anyone else with similiar problems?

    I already reported this to Amazon, but I didn't get a reply so far.

  15. Verres,
    That's a serious bug in your case. Was it "" that you reported this to? That's the one for feedback on a software-update.
    It's unusual for them to not respond at all, even if it's only boilerplate.

    ALSO cc "" about this. That's the regular Kindle support email.

    You mention that you're European. If you are in France, Germany, or the UK, you can go to to get a return call from customer service to you after letting them know your country and phone number. Otherwise email them at the addresses I gave or fill out the email form at the 'callme' page I just gave.

    Let us know, if you can, the response you get.

    Could you report this at the Kindle Communitiy forums and ask other users if they are able to highlight correctly on their PDFs since installing the preview of v3.0.3 ?

    The U.S. Kindle forum is at and the UK one is at

  16. Andrys,
    yes i reporte it back to the "" address and will now follow your advice and also send it to the kindle feedback address. I will keep you posted if i get any responses on a forum or from Amazon. Thanks for listing all these contact points.

  17. Verres,
    Thanks for keeping us apprised.

  18. Amazon feedback regarding my highlighting problems with pdfs so far:

    Hello XYZ,

    Thanks for writing about your issues you have encountered while highlighting in PDF documents since installing the 3.0.3 update.

    Customer feedback like yours helps us continue to improve the service we provide, and we're glad you took time to write to us. The Kindle Team will carefully review your comments.

    Thanks for your interest in Kindle.

    Did I solve your problem?

    If yes, please click here:
    If no, please click here:

    Please note: this e-mail was sent from an address that cannot accept incoming e-mail.

    To contact us about an unrelated issue, please visit the Help section of our web site.

    Best regards,


  19. Andy,
    So! You are really XYZ! I suspected this all along :-)

    Thanks for forwarding that. While it's of course largely boilerplate, it's good that they acknowledge the general problem you report and I'm pretty sure they'll be passing that one along!

    If you hear anything more, let us know again.


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