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Amazon Kindle Blog's own Tips for New Kindle Users


Welcome to Year 2011! :-)   Last week, I made sure people saw the Kindle Top10 FAQs and its information areas that Amazon Kindle Team pointed us to at the Amazon Kindle Community Forums.

  That's a very detailed and thorough guide that Kindle Team made for those who attend the very active forums.

This week, I noticed that Amazon's often not-noticed "Kindle Blog" offered their own shorter guide in two parts.  The Kindle Blog is always seen and linked to on the front page of the Kindle Store when you access it through your Kindle.

It's also usually seen at the top right at the Kindlestore website when Amazon isn't using it to highlight other Kindlestore features.

Here then is a version of the shorter starter-guide they made for the Kindle Blog that you can reference when reading A Kindle World blog.

  Notice that they show both the graphite and white Kindle 3's at the top, something not often seen as a header when vising the Kindle 3 product page.

' Tips for New Kindle Users, Part 1

Congratulations New Kindle Users Congratulations to the newest members of our growing family of Kindle users!

To begin downloading your first books, you’ll need to register the device and set up a payment method.  Registering to your Amazon account ensures that your book purchases sync to your account and can be downloaded to other Kindles or free Kindle reading applications you may use in the future.  To register, simply  press the Home button on your Kindle device, then press Menu and navigate down to Settings, or visit

To explore the great selection on Kindle, press the Home button, then press Menu and select "Shop in the Kindle Store" from the menu.  Here you can get book recommendations, browse categories or search for a favorite author.  To search for a book or author, simply begin typing and you will see your search terms in the bottom search box.

When you’ve chosen a book you’re interested in, select the highlighted Buy button and your book will be delivered wirelessly.  You can continue to search or browse books while your purchase is downloading.

To find your book downloads you can always press the Home button to see the library of purchases and samples that you’ve accessed recently.  If you’ve previously purchased Kindle books you can download them to a new Kindle by selecting View Archived Items from the Home menu.  Select any book and it will begin downloading immediately.

For more tips and tricks from fellow readers check out our forums at, or for Kindle support visit

Tips for New Kindle Users, Part 2

Kindle Tips and Tricks, Part 2 We hope you’re finding your way around the Kindle, and wanted to offer a few more tips on features you may not have discovered yet.

Font Size
You can customize your reading experience by changing the font size and style.  With a book open, press the Text key “Aa” located between the Space Bar and Home key.  Use the 5-way controller to navigate through the options.  After selecting a font size, typeface or other option, you will be returned to your book.

Notations and Highlighting
You can also make notes and highlight passages within your books.  Your annotations will be stored in your Kindle Library when you next connect to wireless, and will be available any time you open that title on a device registered to your account.  To insert a note, use the 5-way controller to move the cursor to where you want the note placed, and then begin typing the note.  When you’re  done typing use the 5-way controller to select “Save Note.”

Managing Your Kindle Account
Did you know that you can also manage many of your account settings online? Just go to the Manage Your Kindle page here The Manage Your Kindle page lets you:
- Edit your payment method and billing address
- Register a new Kindle or Kindle reading application
- View and cancel periodical subscriptions
- Transfer your book purchases to other Kindles or Kindle reading applications
- Enter an approved email address so you can send personal documents to your Kindle
-View all of your past orders

Lastly, if you want to be adventurous, check out the Experimental features in your Kindle.  Press the Home key, then the Menu key, then navigate down and select the “Experimental” option.  Here you can browse the Web, play MP3s and more.

We hope you’re enjoying your Kindle experience so far!  You can always get tips from fellow readers in our forums at, or visit for Help topics. '

This two-parter from the Amazon Kindle Blog, each part separated by a week, has been combined here for convenience and so that more new Kindle owners will see it.  If they do a part 3, I'll update and add it to this blog entry.

Don't miss the Kindle Top10 FAQs though, as it's far more detailed and is very useful for both new and long-time Kindle owners.

Kindle 3's   (UK: Kindle 3's),   DX Graphite

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