Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Downloadable Bookmarks file. Revised 1/25/11 - Ongoing file

UPDATE 1/25/11
This is to let readers know that the ongoing Kindle Bookmarks file ("Mobiweb WebLinks") has been revised.

I've added the download-link for this file + upload-date to the reference column on the right side of the website so that people can check the date of the latest one.

  I'll continue to add more sites as I go but won't be announcing revisions for smaller changes, so check the file every now and then.

TIP: You can bookmark pages in this 'book'-like file.
 A Kindle-3 user wrote to ask about skipping past the Kindle-2 section.  To do that make a bookmark with alt-b (this key-combo toggles a bookmark on and off for the page you're on -- check the dog-ear at the top right to see if it's "taken" when you do a bookmark).

  To get to any bookmarks you've made in a book file, press Menu button and select "View My Notes & Marks" while that book is open.

  But Kindle 3-users won't need to go further than the Kindle 3 section now, as I've added, into each weblinks listing, the individual Mobile Website-Downsizer sites (which emphasize text portions of pages to increase loading speed on the Kindle).

  These include Skweezer, Cantoni, Reading the Net (new) and Web On Your Cell.

Until Amazon revises how the web browser works, I've kept in the Google-features advice on workarounds for problems accessing versions of GMail or other tools with the Kindle 3.

See the basuc information on using the file in the earlier and main Bookmarks article that explains more.

In the meantime, let me know if you have any trouble getting the file.  Thanks!

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  1. Thanks for adding my Reading the Net site to your bookmarks file. If anyone wants to try it then point your kindle browser to


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