Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kindle-Edition version of this blog not updated again - Apologies and a rant - UPDATE

Amazon was not getting this blog's updates out on the Kindle Edition this week - Apologies to Kindle-Edition subscribers

UPDATE Sunday afternoon. - I received a very helpful call today from a representative from the Amazon's blog publishing department, who went through the details with me, very thoroughly, with a plan to sort this out with careful monitoring.   It was such a helpful conversation, in fact, that I offered to modify the blog entry but he said that wasn't necessary, as they were valid concerns.

  BUT, in light of the fast response and the high quality of it, I'm modifying the blog post anyway to remove the descriptions of the issues that we discussed since they're not issues anymore, as they will be on top of it.

The rep, Sean, who was very patient and knowledgeable, said that the non-posting of the full blog article from yesterday just shouldn't happen and he explained the timetable that calls for regular, frequent collection of updates and release of updated blog content -- and they could see that the system had not worked in the case of this blog, for my devices.  They'll be doing some close monitoring of the process so that subscribers can be more assured of timely release of blog posting updates.

Apologies to Kindle-Edition subscribers for the missed posting from late Friday night beyond the one sentence that was there and also for some prior posts that had not matched closely enough what was on the website due to the odd updating problem.

As most readers will know, I'm an admirer of Amazon's handling of customer support and of its Kindle device, and then some.  It's an exceptionally well-run company, which often amazes me.  This was just one area in which there had been some frustration - for subscribers and for me, but they're keeping an eye on the delivery of updated information and I was really impressed with the way in which Sean communicated on all this and his obvious knowledge and interest in taking care of any oddities in the delivery process.

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