Monday, January 24, 2011

The Amazon Trade-in Program - 3 stores - Update

This includes Movies & TV, Paper Books and Textbooks, Video Games

In general, the program enables customers to send in items to a third-party merchant in exchange for an Gift Card.

Amazon's Trade-in Program enables you to send in items to a third party merchant in exchange for an Gift Card and includes DVDs, Blu-ray discs, or HDDVDs; eligible used books and college textbooks matching editions wanted and which are in good condition; and video games in good working condition.

Plus a side note on the book highlighted in Amazon's current ad for that

I personally didn't realize Amazon has a trade-in program for used paper books.  The current Amazon used-book ad (see image at top left here) happens to show a more unusual book that I actually bought (there is no Kindle version): Island: Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island, 1910-1940.

  This was during the years when The Chinese Exclusion Act was in effect.

  There are side-notes explaining references made in most of the poems (translated to English), interesting historical photographs, and some memories from some who made it through and later became citizens.

  For the few who might be interested in what that era and place was like for those getting off the boats and onto the West Coast's equivalent of Ellis Island, I made a recent photo gallery (Intro here)

of a day spent visiting Angel Island's newly restored Immigration Station detention barracks, where the Chinese immigrants were, by design, held much longer (weeks or months or even two years, instead of 2 days) until they could answer questions satisfactorily or be sent home, and it was found that many of the men carved poems of dispair on the walls, which were often painted over.

  Some of the carvings (discovered one night in an inspection by Park Ranger Alexander Weiss touring the barracks with a flashlight) are now on display, with many of them reproduced and translated in this book along with history of the time, place, and of some of the people involved.  The intro to my photo-set, linked above, leads to the full photo gallery, for those interested in the exhibition of life in the barracks.

  The detention areas were restored only a couple of years ago as a historical exhibition of the immigration station, which was on, ironically, a quite beautiful island.  At least one current docent in his 80s entered the U.S. as a child during that time when relatives of many of us arrived at the Station with their parents.

The rated "Most Helpful" customer review of the book gives a good synopsis, while the first poem he cites reminds me of how many of us use our Kindles today.

For more information, see the Help pages listed on Trade-in Program home page and visit the following Trade-In stores for:

  . Movies & TV
  . Textbooks and
  . Video Games.

Here's the Trade-in Program FAQ

I'm not sure many students and parents are aware of this program.  Amazon recently sent out an email on this that included: "Students, no matter where you bought your textbooks you can get up to 60% back when you sell them at's Book & Textbook Buyback Store."

If only Amazon and the publishers would add a trade-in program for Kindle books...
  (Coming to my mind from a Beatles John Lennon song right now:
    You can say, I'm a dreamer... but I'm not the only one...)

(Thanks to Stuart for the correction.)

On-topic note about the Kindle
In the meantime, you might enjoy the latest online newspaper column of the "No Kindle for me!" type.  Laura Moyer rightly worries about the effect of the Kindle on brick and morter bookstores.

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  1. From Stuart

    (Stuart's comment was inadvertently deleted, and here's what he said.)

    Sorry to be picky, but as a Liverpudlian, I feel it my duty to point out that your song quote is from Imagine by John Lennon, not the
    Beatles. It's very apt though.

    I'd like to see the same thing rolled out in the UK, but I suspect it's not coming any time soon. I'll just join you Imagining.

    === [end of Stuart's comment] ===


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