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Free Kindle Books -Special links, English-only, Contemporary - UPDATE9

From the Top 100 Free Kindle Books list, U.S.   (UK: here)

UPDATES 1-9. - Am updating lists and links because Amazon added tons of German books to pages 2 and on.  Have done them for U.S. and later revised the UK list somewhat, explained in the updates.

  NOTE: I'm trying to include only free full, contemporary books.  But in the UK, they also include, from what I can see, the classics also.

NEW experiment:   Amazon has new Kindle books in various categories and they don't all get caught in the various lists.  Here are attempts at still-free ones in  Last 30+ days and  Apr 2011.  I'll need to change these at the start of each month.
  These will be near the top of the A Kindle World blog's reference column at the right, and kept up to date each month.

  Have updated quite a bit today the ongoing Guide to Free Books and Resources and am moving it up to the top, as the changes are fairly extensive.  Will reorganize it later to remove Logged detail, as it confuses eyes and mind.

Original Post, with revisions
About 70% of visitors here each day are new to the page, arriving after a search on a specific topic, and won't know about the popular Top 100 free listing on Amazon.  The top-selling free Kindle books are shown alongside those that are not free, but Amazon gives them equal space on that page.

  I've included just a few at the top which have had a good number of customer reviews, which guarantees many of them will be identified as an 'Amazon Verified Purchase.'  Some were added to the Kindle store too recently to have much customer feedback yet despite receiving many downloads.

  Click on any image above to get details on the specific book.

  Backstage Pass was added as a free book about 3 days ago, probably as a temporary promotional listing, so if interested, get that one earlier.  A good number of contemporary books, non-classics, tend to be free for a short time.

  Last week, Amazon had about 16,000 free Kindle books, and they have doubled that this week, as now there are about 33,600 free.   Most would be new versions of public-domain classics and it's reported that the formatting tends to be somewhat better than on the earlier ones submitted to Amazon.
  Amazon currently has over 905,000 Kindle books.

Less known is the section for Foreign Language eBooks.

There's also a probably fairly lucrative section for Oprah's Book Club Series for Kindle.   :-)

  At the Kindle Store, browse the left column to see a lot more.

On this webpage, there are always links at the top right to temporarily free non-classics (contemporary) sorted by latest or bestselling.  I'll include some here, for those who spend more time with the Kindle Edition of this blog, which doesn't include the reference column on the right:

Kindle-Edition subscribers should go to the website via computer to use these:
Any of these can be bookmarked on your computer if you find them useful.
  Thanks very much for the subscription support.

TEMPORARILY-free books -
- USA: by monyh and special sortings.

  As mentioned above, these will be near the top of the reference column of the A Kindle World blog so they can be accessed at any time and are changing

Also, the 99c Amazon Kindle books page
99c Notepad, for Kindle

  Am flying blind in the U.S.- Can't see prices, but free ones seem to be at the front of the long list, which doesn't use U.S. search process.  Also, I can't see the number of stars for highest rating, so removed that link.  Have added one for 5 GBP and under, as many ask how to find these at the Amazon-UK Forum.  By:
    PubDate   Popular   £5 Max

Also check out the 30,000+ Project Gutenberg books and the "Magic Catalog" that you can download directly to the Kindle, where it can be browsed or searched, and ebooks of interest downloaded directly to the Kindle also.

Another blog article to bookmark shows you how to either get a free conversion to Kindle format of any free book(s) from Google's 1.5 million or more ePub books, as well as describing how you can do it yourself and customize it to your preferences, a conversion that after a set-up takes only a few minutes.

The footer of each article will have some of these links, plus one to to the guide to many sources for free books as well as pre-made searches for Amazon's Kindle books in the lower-cost ranges.  It's a lot of information, quite jumbled and will be reorganized soon.

Kindle 3's   (UK: Kindle 3's),   DX Graphite

Check often: Temporarily-free late-listed non-classics or recently published ones
  Guide to finding Free Kindle books and Sources.  Top 100 free bestsellers.
UK-Only: recently published non-classics, bestsellers, or £5 Max ones
    Also, UK customers should see the UK store's Top 100 free bestsellers. Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
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  1. Do you have any notions as to how to search for just the free ebooks added in the last week?

  2. MrBooknerd,
    I'm doing only contemporary and temporarily-free Kindle books, and there are never that many -- so what I've done is for still-free ones listed the last 30-days at a time plus one for current month.
    That's so I only have to do an update at the start of a month. A lot of books that were free for only a few days in the last few weeks won't be showing up on these and the link results will change within hours.

    Amazon puts these books on various lists for $0.00 and they're not all on any one list so I've caught what I can. Hope these help.


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