Friday, April 15, 2011

Kindle DX Graphite GOLDBOX Special Today Only - $299. Non-US also


GOLD BOX LINK for the Kindle DX Graphite $299 TODAY
for US customers
*BUT*  NON-USA can also order this for $299 today at the regular product page.

That's a screenshot at the left from my DX Graphite.
Here's an image showing the relative sizes of the DXG and Kindle 3.

This is on sale today only "(or until they're all gone)" ...

I don't know what this means for Amazon's larger-model, whether they're replacing it or not.  Since they're de-emphasizing 3G these days, as they pay 3G phone data charges, maybe they're planning a WiFi only DXG but I have absolutely no real idea.  Am just speculating.  As I've said, I personally prefer 3G because I can use that anywhere to access the Net for lookups.

It's a beautiful piece though, and I personally use it for PDFs hard to read on my smaller Kindle.  Here's a picture of my previous DX when I took it on a 3 week trip to Egypt & Petra because I needed to look at detailed diagrams of places we were visiting and because it's easier to read.  This shows it on my airplane's breakfast tray.
  This is a page of thumbnails of the previous DX to see the less contrasty screen which still shows how pages look on a Kindle of that size i portrait and landscape mode.

Below I've linked some initial blog articles on the Kindle DX Graphite when it was released.  It has the Pearl screen so is similar to the Kindle 3 but the text stands out even more so though it's hard to show this in photos for some reason.

. Graphite DX: Day 1 reports
. Reactions to DXG by tough
   Mobileread Forum folks
. A guided tour - of the older DX w/less contrast but a good slideshow of features.
. DX or Kindle 2? - I pointed out the pros and cons of the DX vs the 6" Kindle and these still apply.

Hope that helps somewhat.

Kindle 3's   (UK: Kindle 3's),   K3 Special, $114   DX Graphite non-Goldbox page

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  1. M-Edge has STOPPED making DX covers for awhile. A customer service person told me they don't plan on supporting the DX anymore. And there's no software update being made available for it. I love my DX. Don't know if this means they're stopping it or a color or better one is coming this summer.

  2. James,
    Not as many people buy the DX, for one thing, since it is 3 times more expensive than the lower model.

    I suspect that besides a Kindle LCD-type tablet in the future, they may be planning to release a WiFi DXG -- maybe even ONLY WiFi to make it affordable. (But I'd want the 3G.)

    A customer service person would -never- be told about such a thing as "not supporting" it since they do 'support' even the Kindle 1 as making sure the customer has a working one (within warranty and then 1/2 price if out of warranty), and customer service people are not privy to that kind of decision if it ever is made.

    What question did you actually ask and the rep's reply?, and was the rep a U.S. person? I suspect miscommunication. Really, they do not have such info because Amazon holds information on its models close (too close) and Customer Svc phone reps would be the last to be told.

  3. My post was confusing - I meant the M-Edge lady, in an email exchange that went on for 2-3 emails - said they wouldn't support the line anymore! That being said, I did have a customer service rep at Amazon once tip me that a software update was being announced within a week - sometimes some of them seem to know stuff if it's not uber-secret; like if they're being briefed to deal with the upcoming launch.

  4. James,
    Thanks very much for the clarification. The "for awhile" threw me a bit too. For leather models, it's a big $-outlay and DX's just are not sold in at all the volume of the little easily carry-with-you Kindle 3, it's said.

    The DX case I use is a sleeve as I don't want to hold the DX in a case, and the sleeve is sort of hard-soft and is both protective and light.

    Re customer service, they ARE told about imminent maintenance software updates that are in 'beta' testing with customers already (so it's known) to fix problems reported in forums and followed by all...

  5. I'm seriously tempted to order one as a spare to my current DX because
    1) I don't want an LCD screen and if the replacement model will be a tablet that's what it'd get
    2) I don't want advertising forced on me through a Kindle and I'm afraid the next model will not be available without it.

  6. Sale's over. Clicked the button to add to my cart at $299, it appeared at $379 so I removed it again.
    Want a spare in the future, but not that badly right now.


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