Monday, April 25, 2011

New Kindle TV Ad airs tonight How it differs from previous ones.


In this latest tv ad -- click on the image at left to see the video on YouTube (unless you're reading this on a Kindle-edition blog, which doesn't do video) -- Amazon is introducing the $114 Kindle "with Special Offers" and ads by saying "from $114" at the end.

 They're not showing the special offers or ads on the Kindle in this ad, as it's presumably an ad for any of the Kindles.

  A viewer going to the Kindle product page will see the $114 model shown side by side with the $139 model, with the higher-priced 3G model mentioned below them and can tell at that point, in most cases.

What they're doing this time is talking a bit about what the Kindle can do, using a gal who just loves her "real" book and a guy who's enjoying his own "real" book too, via Kindle (nicely done).

 She tells him what a paper-based book can do and he shows that the Kindle is pretty good with those features, including bookmarks, but then she shows him how great it is to, with much ado, physically make a dog-ear-fold bookmark on her paper book.  He just smiles in a mild way :-)

  No heavily 'better than thou' bits or people jumping on precarious places while holding their Kindles but just a conversation about a paper book and a Kindle book.

  No cute animations with cardboard backgrounds that leave many wondering what on earth a Kindle is and is it a toy for kids. :-)

I'd love it if they showed the Kindle feature of Searching for a character's name in a book and seeing all the linked pages where it shows up or if they showed how easy the dictionary feature is, with a summary-definition showing, when the cursor is on a word, and then the expanded definition with "Origin" of the word when you press the 'Return' or 'Enter' key, ending by pressing the 'Back' button to return to your spot on the page you were reading.

  For one thing, I miss those features when reading paper books now.

  I imagine there'll be lots of different reactions though :-) ??

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  1. A TV ad that incorporates the word "etymology?" Gee, what TV channels are you watching? :-)

  2. Peter,
    That's actually a good point - I should use "Origin" - especially since that's exactly what the dictionary uses, except they capitalize the word :-) Just changed it. Thanks!

  3. "She tells him what a paper-based book can do (...)"

    But the good thing is that , at the end of the video , she's convinced of the benefits of the K3 ereader .

    Well , there have always been problems with the introduction of new text-reading technologies .

    See for example this hilarious Norwegian video (with English subtitles) about the problems Brother Ansgar had with the introduction of the paper book :

    And the American remake :


  4. Andrys,
    Etymology or Origin, I suspect the regular, TV-watching, coach-potato (and I sometimes include myself in that category, I'm embarrassed to admit) is unlikely to be persuaded that that's a desirable feature of the Kindle. Not saying it isn't, I do miss the dictionary when reading dead-tree books too.


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