Sunday, April 24, 2011

FREE Kindle book - Student Travel Guide to Europe, 2011

Let's Go Europe 2011
- Normally $21.95, FREE currently

Let's Go Europe 2011: The Student Travel Guide (Kindle Ed.), is authored by Inc., Harvard Student Agencies whose Kindle books with more specific European locations cost between $9.66 - $9.99.  They're providing this Kindle book for $0.00 right now, on what is likely a temporary 'price.'

  Released in January 2011, it has 9 customer reviews with 4 stars out of 5. It's quite large (at 1,232 pages), as most Kindle books that are mainly text average less than 1 meg, and this one is about 3 megs and will take longer to load, which indicates it has more than the usual number of images. Product description:
' From Portugal to the Ukraine, from Norway down to Greece, Europe is a lot to take on.  Luckily, the student adventurers behind Let’s Go Europe 2011 know that any traveler can handle it — with a little help.  Whether whipping through London, Barcelona, and Prague in five days or spending a leisurely year abroad, travelers get all the info they need from Let's Go.  Their wit and irreverence can brighten even the drabbest Renaissance museum — if travelers didn’t take their advice to skip it.  From German beer halls to Roman ruins, Let's Go Europe 2011 is the ticket to adventure. '

  CAVEAT The two Kindle book reviews I see (the rest are paperback reviews) say it's well worth downloading as a free book, but is written by Harvard students for other students and one reviewer thinks it's mainly for students with money to spare -- I used to go on the $5/day books :-) And the paperback version had less information on hostel locations than a couple of people wanted.

On the other hand, another reviewer says:
' However, to be honest, the listings for stuff like accommodations and nightlife are just UNBEATABLE, so I'm willing to deal with the flaws in order to get those recommendations.

  I was trying to keep to a budget, so maybe I'm biased, but when I opened the Lonely Planet and Frommer's guides in the bookstore, their idea of "cheap" was like...65 euro a night. Even the "shoestring" book was borderline. That's just not the sort of budget I'm operating on.
  Let's Go, on the other hand, listed hostels and cheap mom-and-pop places that got me through most of Western Europe on 20 euro or less a night. No complaints about those prices. '

  Some think the writing is fun while others find it geared toward those who look for drinking places.  The maps and even some icons are said to be very hard to read on the Kindle (I recommend viewing these in Landscape mode, which may handle better some bad layout problems mentioned.)

  For $0.00, it's worth a look.

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