Sunday, November 13, 2011

Amazon Mp3 for Android


I have an Android tablet that I picked up for $79, when it was discontinued, at Woot! and looked for interesting apps to try on the Kindle Fire when it arrives in a couple of days.  I never knew about the Amazon Mp3 app for Android although I use Cloud Player on the computer, and it's very smooth.

  I actually like it better in the Android version because they do a large picture of the album for which a song (or classical work) is playing and it's really nice on a 7" screen -- also, it's easy to select pieces to play or to put in playlists and it winds up playing in the background.

 At any rate, I did plug in a strange-looking but good portable speaker I like (the JBL On Stage IIIP Portable Speaker Dock for iPod and iPhone -- but I use it for my netbook also and a portable DVD player), to play the music in better sound.  This speaker puts out good sound, which seems to come from nowhere.

  It's fairly expensive as these things go, but portabiltiy and sound quality are good, especially since it stays clear at the loudest volume, without noticeable distortion and the words tend to be clearer than I'm used to in songs.  Depending on what you place it on and the height, it sometimes produces bass you don't expect.

Here's the Amazon page explaining Amazon Mp3 for Android, which plays whatever music you have in the Amazon Cloud, on an Android tablet.  Since the Kindle Fire is Android-based, I expect that it, or an added app version of it, will work, as it's music played from the Amazon servers. Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
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  1. Heh... I've been using this for a few months. It's pretty nice, but not perfect. I like the fact that I can have some songs downloaded to the device, too, since I don't want to stream the songs that I use most often (to conserve battery)

  2. Erin,
    Right. re the song downloads (and ease of it) and good thinking re conserving battery... I do like how easy it is to switch between album/song and the playlist info.


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