Friday, November 4, 2011

A List of Prime-Eligible Kindle Owner Lending Library Books you can browse at Amazon


At Twitter, @PublishersLunch tweeted, "This Amazon Link Lets You Browse 2,700 Prime Lending Titles Right On Their Site."

  The link they gave leads to a page of Prime Eligible Books in general  and says,
  "Showing 1 - 12 of 9,499,136 Results"

which is a bit more than Amazon has. What Amazon did was add together Paperback, Hardcover, Kindle Edition, PDF, and "See more," apparently, to get that number.

  And already #1 has no image and "This item is currently not available" -- in a sorting by 'Popularity'.

That is nevertheless a very worthwhile link:  I clicked on "Kindle Edition" which claims to have "2,548" results, but, as you can see,
the linked page of Prime-Eligible Kindle Edition books (Link: ) actually says,

  "Showing 1 - 12 of 5,379 Results" *

which is closer to what Amazon claims is lendable via the Prime program.. (See an explanation of the Prime Kindle Owners Lending Program.) I clicked on a number of them to see that they are $0.00 for PRIME members (remembering you can borrow only ONE per CALENDAR MONTH on an account (no matter how many Kindle devices share that account).

  You can of course sort by Avg Customer Review and the other usual sorts, and choose from genres/subcategories on the left, so I will will include this from now on, with some reference lists and tables.

Thanks to @PublishersLunch!

* NOTE: Added on Feb. 21, 2013 after reading two news sites that just gave this tip as one they'd not heard of before, although this blog entry was dated Nov. 2011 and the special direct link has been at the top right of the A Kindle World blog since that time.

  One change: The number of Prime-borrowable Kindle books available back in 2011 was 5,379 and that number has grown to 296,833.

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  1. so cool! i just logged on to your blog to ask if you knew how to browse the prime rentable collection at amazon, and here it is. thanks!

  2. 5379 is very close to the number you get on Kindle itself (5179). Thanks for that discovery!

    There are indeed some books listed by the query that are not on the OLL list, such as #1 "For Time and Eternity"—but at least that one is free for everybody.

  3. Anonymous,
    Glad the timing was good :-)

    Thanks for checking further. It could be that the Kindlestore listing for Kindle-device use is not updated yet and/or the individual product pages have not been updated for recent publisher decisions to join or in the case of 'For Time and Eternity' maybe it's because it was put on promotional, temporarily-free price on 10/30...

  4. If you sort the query by cost-low-to-high, you find about 3 dozen books that are entirely free to anyone, another 150 that are under $1, and a couple hundred more that are under $2. Hard to imagine people spending their Prime-eligible credits on these (instead of just purchasing outright).

  5. I took a good look at the books included in the list in categories that interest me the most and was mostly disappointed in the chosen books. As Tom Semple pointed out, there are dozens and dozens of books that are normally priced from anywhere from free to under $2. I think Amazon could do better.

  6. J.R.,
    One thing you could do is sort from high to low in case the more expensive books may be of more interest but I haven't done that. I just went by avg rating and popularity and then tried out genres/subcategories.

    The Big6 publishers don't want to participate as it probably does not pay for them.

    So, this means the Prime feature just won't be attractive for many.

  7. I have been browsing the 'free' list and would like to know if there's a quick way to get back to the last page I was browsing rather than having to start at page 1 again?

  8. Anonymous,
    At first I thought you meant the PRIME listing of books to borrow, free (one per calendar month).

    Re Free lists, those are forum pages that you access via the web browser, so you can Bookmark where you were last, as with any other browser page.

    BUT, Amazon Kindle forums, if you log in, to read it, will keep records of your last post read and then drop you on the NEXT one when you next access those (humongous) lists.

  9. If you did mean the Prime listing of books to borrow free, then that's a webpage too and you can just Bookmark it and click on your bookmark to get back to where you were.

    If you meant the Prime listing via a Kindle device, then you press the Back button on a physical-keyboard model or on the $79 Kindle Basic -- or choose the Back icon (a back-arrow) if using Kindle Touch or Kindle Fire.

  10. I'm on why does the link take me to .com?

    1. Rik, the UK doesn't offer a "Kindle" category for Prime-eligible ... I just went to to verify that this is still true.

      The Prime-eligible Kindle books list is for US customers only and that may be why you get that ".com" URL instead but I would think you'd just be taken to an page. I've no idea why it would just show " .com" ...


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