Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Power outage here

We've had a power outage here, and when the lights came back on, Comcast wasn't willing and the phones are out too. The only communication with the outside world is with this Kindle 3 or Kindle Keyboard with its free 3G web browser plus a cellphone with no 3G data plan.

Did a lot of research yesterday and exploring on the new Kindle models and will be reporting on that when I can get back on via a computer. They think it'll be sometime today. Thanks for your patience !

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  1. I give thanks for my Kindle Keyboard with WiFi and FREE 3G!
    Our local Best Buy currently has this model with the special offers on sale for $89.99 -- a discount of $50!
    Do you suppose they know something we don't - like a plan to discontinue this model?

  2. Heh... We had a 2.5 hour power outage a couple weeks ago, and I was *definitely* relying on my kindle. I discovered you can't download PDFs directly to the K3. I think I knew that at some point in the past, but had forgotten until I really needed a PDF... Ended up downloading it with my phone, then copied it from the phone to the computer (which had by that point been relegated to the station of "phone charger"), and from there to the kindle... (it was too unwieldy to read on the phone, and the phone was low on battery anyways)

  3. I have both a new and an original DX and both an iPad and an iPad 2. Due to mechanical problems/frustrations with all four my reading has all but collapsed.

    The DXs' 5 way controller is exceptionally difficult to accurately operate and the page advance button is difficult to find and activate.

    As for the iPads, the infinitesimal bezel width often leads to anaccidental reverse of up to five pages and continual re-reading of the same pages. In addition, the home button usually takes about five attempts to activate successfully.

    The biggest mystery is why these all used to seem to be satisfactory.

    Regards, Don

  4. [Typos-Corrected]
    My power went out again and I came here to get some info on the last outage that I had (though that was in December, it turns out) and what I did then and saw two comments I don't remember answering, while there's no longer an 'Anonymous'...

    Don, the DX has a NEXT page button or lever on the right edge - it's almost impossible not to find. Maybe you didn't know what to look for?

    Some Kindles were made so that we should press the INside edge of the 'button' and some were made in a way that the outside edge needed to be pressed, so it can be confusing, yes.

    The new DX 5-way controller is flatter, and you press the edges of these for each direction. I hope things got better after you wrote last.

    Erin, your computer was able to function dudring the outage ? Reserve power?

    My phone charged my Samsung 10" tonight but the cursor control was almost nil when using Google's blogger editing so it was nigh useless...
    (Jan 20).


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