Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Free Kindle books (11/14-15) - 65 free + discounted-book forum alerts + Amazon promos


Nov. 14-15: - Monday and Tuesday: 65 newly-free books

Myth of the Garage, by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, 5 customer reviews, 5.0 stars, $0.00 (Link: amzn.to/myth-garage), published by Random House Digital

"...a collection of the authors’ best columns for Fast Company magazine -- 16 pieces in all, plus a previously unpublished piece entitled “The Future Fails Again.” In Myth, the Heath brothers tackle some of the most (and least) important issues in the modern business world --David Pitt for Booklist

Kindle Daily Deal (Often U.S. only, unfortunately)
(The Daily Deal link above changes at MIDNIGHT each day.
      Click it to see what the daily deal book is, at any time.)
The Magician's Elephant, by Kate DiCamillo,Author, and Yoko Tanaka (Illustrator), 94 customer reviews, 4.2 stars  (Link: amzn.magicians-elephant )
    Daily Deal until the end of Tuesday, 11/15:
      Monday's Price: 5.24
      Tuesday's Discount: $4.25
      Tuesday's Daily Deal Price: $0.99 (75% off)

Category: Children's Books. Starred Review. Grade 4–6, per School Library Journal.
Amazon Best of the Month, September 2009: Newbery Medalist Kate DiCamillo
"...This darkly atmospheric yet hopeful tale demonstrates that when the answers to life's big questions are opaque or unforthcoming, all is not lost. DiCamillo's rhythmic writing, combined with Yoko Tanaka's mysterious black-and-white illustrations, enchants

  MORE... ( The temporarily newly-free books and discounted-book forum-alerts are on the 2nd page now, to load the main page more quickly and so that those wanting to go through the details can do so by: clicking on "MORE" just below)

LATEST DISCOUNTED Kindle books (some temporarily) -
  Forum-thread starter RandomizeME cautions, "This thread is [only] for discounts and price drops that readers find from publishers."  Another main finder is Emily Bronte.
  For 11/13-15

TEMPORARILY-Free Books:  Alerts from the Amazon Kindle forums - via the tireless "Happy Reader" Joyce, who is ever on the lookout on behalf of forum members.

  NOTE: The alerts are quoted from Joyce's collecting of mostly temporarily-free books.  They're *not* recommendations by anyone but are a popular, unfiltered daily set of forum release-alerts by Joyce, logged here for those who don't or can't make it to the forums.  The eBooks are often no longer free within days, sometimes, within hours.  Thanks to Joyce for gathering and organizing them for us.

' Happy Reader "Joyce" says:
[For Monday, 10 in first thread]
The Truth About the New Rules of Business Writing
Author: Natalie Canavor
Genre: Business Communication

DESCRIPTION: Business writing that packs a punch: Make the most of your message to get what you want! The truth about supercharging your business writing. The truth about writing directly, clearly, and convincingly. The truth about writing in today's varied business formats


Know What You Don't Know: How Great Leaders Prevent Problems Before They Happen
Author: Michael A. Roberts
Genre: Business Leadership

DESCRIPTION: In Know What You Don't Know, best-selling author Michael Roberto shows leaders how to go beyond mere "problem solving" to uncover and address emerging problems while they're still manageable-before they mushroom into disaster! Roberto first identifies the diverse, sometimes surprising reasons why problems typically fester in the shadows, ignored and unaddressed. Next, he systematically introduces seven powerful solutions. You'll discover how to become a business "anthropologist," observing how your employees, customers, and suppliers actually behave, not just how they're "supposed" to behave. Roberto shows how and when to circumvent your gatekeepers to see crucial raw data...how to "connect the dots" among issues that seem unrelated, but are really signs of a deeper pattern...how to promote candor among front-line employees...encourage "useful" mistakes, and more. Along the way, Roberto offers powerful insights for overcoming the "isolation trap" so many senior executives face: the trap that can keep you assuming everything is fine, while your company's problems are spiraling out of control!


Your Brain and Business: The Neuroscience of Great Leaders
Author: Sirinivasan S. Pillay
Genre: Business Leadership

DESCRIPTION: In Your Brain and Business, Harvard psychiatrist Srinivasan S. Pillay reveals how the latest research in neuroscience can help you lead, communicate, and collaborate more effectively... drive change more successfully... move more rapidly from idea to execution... coach colleagues or clients to unprecedented success! Your brain is your #1 asset: Optimize it to win!


At the Queen's Command: The First Book of the Crown Colonies
Author: Michael A. Stackpole
Genre: Fantasy

DESCRIPTION: 1763: The Crown Colonies of Mystria are in turmoil, trapped between warring empires and facing insurrection from natives and colonists alike...Captain Owen Strake, a wounded and battle-weary Redcoat of the Queen's Own Wurms, has come to this untamed land. At the Queen's command, Owen's mission is to survey this vast, uncharted territory, performing reconnaissance of rival Tharyngians and the savage Twilight People of the wilderness.Prince Vladimir is a Norillian noble, nephew to the Queen. Though he has little real political power, he struggles to ensure the colonists' interests are represented back in Norisle. The one thing he does have is a wurm... one of the few existing "dragons" from a clutch of eggs discovered in the old world, hundreds of years ago.As Mystria swirls into chaos, Owen becomes prisoner of a Tharyngian necromancer. Meanwhile, Vlad is to be married off to an old world princess, an alliance supposed to help supply money and mercenaries to put down the various insurrections. But, nobody suspects that Vlad's wurm is about to undergo a change that will impact the world's delicate political balance...From New York Times-bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole (Rogue Squadron, I, Jedi) comes At the Queen's Command, the first book of The Crown Colonies, a new fantasy series re-imagining the events of the American Revolutionary War.


His Bare Obsession (Bare Love, Book One)
Author: Lacey Thorn
Genre: Romance

DESCRIPTION: This is the first book in the Bare Love series.It was just another day in the small town of Legacy for sexy gym owner Moira Madigan and her best friend Cass. Until they investigated a noise and stumbled upon the body of the latest victim of the rapist and killer who was preying on the women in their town. Now being stalked by this madman, Moira is put under the protective custody of Detective Gil Daniels. He's tall, dark, handsome and just about the sexiest thing she's ever seen. The good news is he's crazy about her too. The bad news is so is the killer and he'll use anyone to get to her. Can she trust the detective to keep her body safe or only to bring her the ultimate pleasure a woman can have? Sex with Gil Daniels is better than anything she's ever dreamed of and she just might be falling in love. All she has to do is survive meeting his family and avoid the obsessed killer and she might find that happily ever after.


The Wounded Heart: Hope for Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Author: Dan B. Allender, Ph.D.
Genre: Religious - Spiritual

DESCRIPTION: Sexual abuse knows no religious or social boundaries. The Wounded Heart is an intensely personal and specific look at this form of abuse. Dr. Allender explores the secret lament of the soul damaged by sexual abuse and lays hold of the hope buried there by the One whose unstained image we all bear. Includes information about false memory issues.


Now You're Thinking!: Change Your Thinking...Revolutionize Your Career...Transform Your Life
Author: Stewart Emergy
Genre: Behavioral Science

DESCRIPTION: If you can change the way you think, you can change the world. That's the theme of Now You're Thinking! as it tells the story of how a 2-year old Iraqi girl's life was saved through determination, courage, and critical thinking. The book begins with the heroic story of how a Marine battalion beat the odds to save this little girl, and ends with a model of critical thinking that will help you STOP and THINK to recognize your emotions, evaluate arguments, and draw conclusions to make better life decisions. This book also provides the opportunity for you to take the My Thinking Styles assessment for free to learn your natural thinking preferences, strengths, and biases. This short read will give you a real-life example of great thinking plus tons of resources to guide your further interest in effective thinking.


Mobile DNA: Finding Treasure in Junk (FT Press Science)
Author: Haig Kazazian
Genre: Biology

DESCRIPTION: In Mobile DNA, leading geneticist Haig Kazazian thoroughly reviews our current understanding of the substantial role mobile genetic elements play in genome and organism evolution and function. He offers an accessible intellectual history of mobile DNA, rich and insightful perspectives on how investigators ask and answer research questions, and his predictions about future developments and research directions for this active field.


Gingerbread Cookbook (Gooseberry Patch Classics)
Author: Gooseberry Patch
Genre: Cookbook

DESCRIPTION: Get a taste of Gooseberry Patch in this collection of over 20 favorite gingerbread recipes! In Gooseberry Patch Gingerbread we've rounded up all kinds of cookie jar favorites, from Grandma's Gingersnaps to wafer-thin Moravian Spice Crisps to the Easiest-Ever Gingerbread Boys.


On Sparrow Hill
Author: Maureen Long
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

DESCRIPTION: Two time periods-Victorian Ireland and contemporary England-are again woven together in this sequel to The Oak Leaves. Rebecca Seabrooke is a commercial manager for Quentin Hollinworth's family manor and is focused on two things: running the best historical home in the country and forgetting about the childhood crush she's had on Quentin ever since her father worked as the valet for his family. They don't, after all, run in the same social circles. When Quentin's distant cousin Dana Martin Walker comes to visit the Hollinworth estate, Rebecca realizes she must confront some of her preconceived ideas about herself . . . and about Quentin. Dana wants to learn more about her ancestors-especially about Berrie Hamilton, who in 1852 decided to fulfill her sister-in-law's dream of opening a school for the mentally challenged. Dana also discovers that, despite their precautions, she and her husband are expecting, and their unborn child may turn out to be like many of Berrie's students. It will take reading Berrie's letters-written a century ago-for Dana and Rebecca to learn the importance of serving others and to realize that ultimately, even our best-laid plans are not always God's plans.

***** [ Added later in another message thread, 2 more ]

Rees (Tales of the Shareem, Book One)
Author: Allson James
Genre: Romance

DESCRIPTION: The Shareem: Males created to be tall, muscled, sexy, and...enhanced. They come in one of three levels--pure sensual pleasure, games and wicked fun, or the ultimate barbarian complete with whip. They know how to bring a woman to ecstasy and exactly how to keep her there.When Lady Talan d'Urvey reads the diary of a woman who spent one wicked week with a Shareem, she longs to experience the same carnality in one last fling before she takes her vow of celibacy. She goes in search of a Shareem and finds Rees, tall and blond, with Shareem-blue eyes. Just looking into those eyes makes Talan wild with need.But Rees is a Shareem experiment that never should have been made. Rees is all the Shareem levels rolled into one, and then some. Rees is uncontrollable, Rees is unpredictable. Even Rees's creators could never, ever be sure exactly what he would do. ** Note: The Tales of the Shareem stories are hot, hot, hot! Read with oven mitts. You have been warned. **

*** EDIT TO ADD: This is a Pre-Order for March 27, 2012 ***

Atria International Books of Mystery
Author: M.J. Rose
Genre: Mystery - Thriller

I [Joyce] will update when this becomes available.

***** [ Tuesday message thread (early morning) - 53 add'l books today ]

Cryptic Zoology: 6 Short Works


Run From The Reaper

Deadly Stillwater - Thriller (McRyan Mystery Series)

Massacre at Moniac Crossing

Thunder Royce: Jumped



Jungle Fever: A Don't Tell story

Miss Lucy Parker and Other Short Stories

Night of the Aurora (Salmon Run - Book 1)

Circus of the Dead

Oh Doctor, The Places You Will Go...

Treachery: A Love Story (Spanish Nights)


The Ghost of the Cazador (Dark Hunters)

My Darling Husband, Charlie and Kathy stories of gifts and surprises

Spellcheck Nation


In the Halls of the Sky-Palace: Gold Edition


The Color of Freedom

His Gift

All's Fair

Legend of the White Dragon: Legends

Flash O' Lantern: 13+ Stories

A Chance for Charity (The Immortal Ones - A Paranormal Romance)

The Usurper (thriller, political intrigue)

Meet a Jerk, Get to Work, How to Write Villains and the Occasional Hero

Drawing Down the Stars

Ignite (Cryptid Tales)

That Leviathan, Whom Thou Hast Made

Kindle Superuser - 101 Ways To Get More From Your Kindle

Tanaka and the Yakuza's Daughter

Hilda and Zelda (Hilda the Wicked Witch)

The Woman Who Was Afraid of Lightning

Four Play

Cool Shade

Broken Hearts Damaged Goods

Pedro The Ugliest Dog In The World

Sex with a Shooting Star (The Junkie Tales)

Angelic Voices

Halloween Frights

Parenting Techniques That Work: Successful Parenting Of Children & Teenagers With Challenging Behaviour, ADHD & Aspergers

The Dragons of Bastogne (Alter World)

Starcrossed: Perigee - A paranormal romance trilogy

A Holiday Explained-A Christmas Short Short Story

The Garden of El Dorado (Alter World)

The Senex

Sifting Sands

Baptism by Fire (Interlude One of the RuneQuest)

The Company of Fellows

Home For Christmas

[These are from Joyce's free-book alerts Monday (12 books) and Tuesday (53 books), in the forums, 11/14 - morning, 11/14 - evening, 11/15 - morning, total 65 books for the two days as of very early Tuesday morning.]

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