Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Emergency App, Battery tracker, Free Word Ball app today, 90% off *35* 87th Precinct series Kindle books today only,


I noticed early Thursday that a new, unusual Android app was just released by 7 Dragons, creator of the popular Kindle Keyboard Notepad Kindle app, not yet released in Kindle Touch format but they say it will be, and in the meantime they released recently, for the Kindle Fire, the fun-to-use Alarm Clock, Calendar, Todo List app.

  I really like the background wallpaper settings they offer for it, the easy ToDo and the loud Alarm Clock, and I enjoy it overall although calendar events need highlighting.  Their support is good, and they say they're working on the highlighting and on Google Calendar support, plus features that have been requested on the reviews page.

Now they've added The Emergency App, for $1.00

I'll quote from the product page, and bold-face some of it to make things easier:

Product Features

  • Be better prepared for emergencies with this app for your Kindle Fire
  • Keep lists of your medical information and emergency contacts
  • Create emergency 72-hour, first aid, and car kits
  • Seek help in an emergency with an SOS signal, sound alarm, and flashing light
  • Use the night light in case of a power outage

Product Description

The Emergency App helps you be better prepared for emergencies.  It also has a variety of tools that help you if you find yourself in an actual emergency.

The Emergency App lets you prepare for emergencies in multiple ways:
- List all your medical information, as well as medical information for multiple people.
- List all your emergency contacts.
- Use the included lists to put together a 72-hour kit, a first aid kit, and an emergency car kit.
- List emergency websites that can help you in case of emergencies.

You will have all this valuable information on your Kindle Fire, easily accessible via The Emergency App.
[While I would update this on the KFire and put it upfront in Favorites shelf so others MIGHT find it, if something was happening with me, I'd be more likely to print out the health and contacts info each time I update it and be sure to have the hard copy on me.]
The Emergency App also helps you if you find yourself in an actual emergency:- Access all your medical information and emergency contact information easily.
- Use the night light in case power goes out during emergencies.
- Use the SOS signal to signal for help.
- Use the sound alarm to alert others to your location.
- Use the flashing light signal to attract attention.

The Emergency App lets you be better prepared for emergencies, and it helps you in multiple ways if you find yourself in an actual emergency. '

Track your Battery Life (w/ battery alarms)
I have utilities that tell me details on battery life but some are bloated doing all kinds of things, so I begin to wonder if they're using battery life more than I want, and I don't need more than one or two good task managers.

  So I decided to try this simple app, "optimized for Kindle Fire" that I saw on the 7 Dragons list.  It's Track your Battery Life, which comes with Battery Alarms.

Since the carousel label for this is huge, I removed it from the Carousel (via a long press on it and then lightly tapping 'remove from Carousel') and then added it to 'Favorites' on the topmost book shelf, which makes it Small. You can modify the % shown when clicking on it, if you think that it's being too generous.)  The Kindle Fire battery icon at top right usually indicates I have more left than I do.

I don't like going into settings 3 levels deep to see the percentage left, and leaving the smaller icon in my shelf allows me to just press it to get the latest battery percentage left.  But that's not necessary because the battery percentage used is in your Notifications info at upper left (Amazon doesn't allow battery % there) and you can just pull it down to see it.

This tool, if you open it, also indicates how long the battery will last for the current session, depending on what type of usage you intend.  It has an alarm when it's getting low, and tracks your free memory.
  You can also have the option of having it NOT run in the background if you want, via Settings.

  In fact, you are only reading downloaded books, newspapers, or magazines, there's no need to have WiFi 'On' so you can turn off the WiFi for that kind of activity and save battery life.
Revised blog entry


Word Ball
, by Continuous Integration - a fast-paced word-building game meant to reinforce word and pattern recognition, featuring high-resolution graphics with shrinking and bouncing letters from which you build words.  You can play this with friends also.  Personally, it would drive me batty, but it's a favorite at 99 cents, so while it's free for a day ...

Crime novelist Ed McBain's "87th Precinct" series" - 90% off 35 of them for today, January 12, Friday. Thursday's price $4.99, discounted by $4.00 today (Friday), with a Kindle Daily Deal Price of $0.99 80% off
 This is also the Gold Box Deal of the Day.

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  1. On the Safety App, I just learned that first responders look for a file or icon "ICE" In Case of Emergency on portable devices. The app allows filling of health info and contact info. You can do the same on "dumb" phones as "ICE Home" or "ICE Spouse" with the appropriate numbers attached. If that's what's being taught (maybe readers will verify) we should lean that way.

  2. Is there an app that lets you update your blogspot blog on the kindle? I've had trouble finding one. I can start a new post and title it, but not enter the body of the message. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks.


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