Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hotmail App ready for Kindle Fire, which passed Samsung Galaxy Tab as most-used Android tablet, plus those 5-star accessory-reviews

Kindle Fire Edges Samsung Galaxy Tab and gets Hotmail app

I didn't think that very many people use hotmail accounts anymore, but apparently they do, enough, GMA News says, for Microsoft to announce the advantages of their new official Kindle Fire app:
In the Kindle Fire application, [Hotmail product management director] David Law said the new Hotmail app can sync all mail, contacts, folders, and subfolders via the more robust Exchange Active Sync protocol.
  In contrast, he said the native Kindle application [the only option until now] simply downloads mail via POP3.

  On the other hand, he said they had to tweak the app for Kindle Fire because it uses a different implementation of Android. '

GMA News added that "Law said the apps for iOS and Android benefit 12 million active Hotmail users on iOS and over three million active users of Android apps.

Kindle Fire, in first 2 months, edges past Samsung Galaxy Tab as most used Android tablet
  GigaOM's Ryan Kim writes that according to analytics firm Flurry, The Kindle Fire, which wasn't even released until mid-November, had "35.7 percent of application user sessions."

  The numbers compared usage in November and January, before and after the holiday season.  The intriguing graphs are on the Flurry page.  What's considered remarkable is that the Kindle Fire overtook the Galaxy Tab in such a very short time, despite "Galaxy Tab sessions increasing by more than 50%."

As reported by others, Android tablets have been growing aggressively suddenly, and the momentum has been identified as largely Kindle-Fire fueled.

  The ratio of of "Top Paid Downloads":
  Kindle, 2.53 and Galaxy Tab 1.00

  It does seem to reflect Amazon's focus on the razor-razorblade model, with a very low-cost razor driving, of course, sales of razor blades (what else?).  Flurry adds that this
"sheds light on why they [Amazon mgmt] embrace the end-user experience and the religious focus on making the sale of content compelling and easy.  Further, it shows us why launching with an aggressive low price penetration strategy for their hardware, priced at $199, was critical to its strategy.

  Amazon’s distribution model starts with its own roots: books, music and video (aka “BMV”).  Through this move, Kindle Fire is changing the rules of engagement on the Android platform to shape the playing field into one where they, the consumer and the developer win. '

Well, let's hope so.

Watch those 5-star Accessories reviews !
TIME Magazine cites yesterday's NY Times article on VIP Deals ('Vipertek') giving customers rebates for writing reviews while saying it strives for 5-star ones.

  I would add that a $10 case people liked when most cases were priced at $40 was likely also a factor, but the trend of buying reviews should be nipped fast.

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  1. Wow. I bet the 5 people that still actually use HotMail will be delighted!

  2. :-) Yes, Anonymous, as you saw, that was similar to my first thought, but it's apparently still around 15 million. I think many of them send email that winds up in spam folders the way hotmail tends to be used... (I know only one person who uses it...)

  3. For legacy reasons, I still use Hotmail for online commerce, for most of the forums I register with, and those increasingly rare occasions where I subscribe to a mailing list—nothing of a personal nature. I white-list everything that comes into the inbox, or it would be hopeless, their anti spam measures appear to be worthless. But I won't be trying the app out. Still it is nice to see Microsoft doing some mobile apps for platforms other than theirs. I don't see this one in Android Market, but they do have a few others there.

  4. Tom,
    I use yahoo mail in the same way and then miss mail for days because I don't go there much... Yahoo's spam prevention is far better than it used to be though.

    Interesting news on net earnings today? I'm surprised it was a surprise with all the warehouses opening everywhere, the new permanent employees all over creation and the startup expense on all those low-margin KFires, the Prime incentive etc.

    Bezos' plans are usually not to make money on new offerings for some time. The market share in actual use of apps indicates the KFire is very much in active use though. Media margins are always low though. I think they use even that area to encourage customers to shop in the rest of the store.


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