Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kindle News: AVOID Kindle for iOS Update to v3.6.1

CAUTION: DO NOT update Kindle for iOS to v3.6.1 yet

At the Kindle Community Forum Message Thread on this update, Kindle iPhone and iPad users discuss the many problems with Update v3.6.1 released late last night (2/26). The iTunes page dates the release of v3.6.1 as of 2/27 though.

UPDATE - v3.6.2 released at 3pm Wed. 2/27 to fix the registration problem.
  See later post about that.

Examples of what's being said:
' I updated via App store upgrades to 3.6.1 on an iPhone 5. This version of the application did not preserve the device registration, and I was forced to re-register the device. I had book samples, which I use for my queue of new books to purchase, on the device. These were lost. does not maintain a listing of the samples downloaded.

The only way to get this version to work was to register as a new device. That is what caused [the] loss of data stored on the iPhone.

I also had to re-register my iPhone and have to re-download over 500 Ebooks! Please Fix!

...has not only caused me to lose a potential shopping list, it has also cost Amazon (and authors) revenue as I have no way to recover the Samples and no written record of what they were. Best guess is that I had about 6-8 books as samples, I probably would have bought 4 of them at $10 (average) each. Loss to Amazon is not just my $40 that I won't spend, but multiply that by the number of other users who will run into this....

Made me re-register my iPad and is now showing my iPad device as my second iPad. I only have the one iPad. I logged in using my same email and password too.
Spoke with customer service. She said she had been getting calls on this and would report to app development. I had several partially read books that I've lost my place in, and I also used the books on my device to keep track of what I've read. Not happy!

When I entered my amazon login information in order to restore my books, received the message that none exist. Do not upgrade!

It shows my iPad as a 3rd device and won't allow me to download from the cloud because "the license limit exceeded." I saw the warning after it started to download. The warning looked like every other description of any upgrade. Couldn't stop the download once in progress.

I only have one iPad and it registered a second one. '

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  1. And now what do to about it. Last night I hit Update All on the iPhone. How do you go back a rev?

    1. Anonymous, no going back a rev, but if you saw the blog entry yesterday on v3.6.2, you'll see a workaround on getting things back. Sorry you went through that when just trying to install a sent update.

  2. Just now, 2/27/2013, 5:45 PM EST, iTunes showing v3.6.2 available for download. Any advice? I have no desire to go first :-)

    1. Peter, sorry I didn't get to Blogger mail quickly enough and then didn't answer quickly either. But as you probably saw in the blog entry on v3.6.2, people have found that update okay... I would have waited a day also, to see how others fared!

  3. 3.6.2 is available now. Says it has a fix for registration issue, and various bug fixes and security fixes. Fix, fix fix!

    I installed it on my iPod Touch and did not lose a thing.

    1. Thanks for trying to reach me yesterday. Forgot to check blogger pending at their webpage. I used to get them in email but spam has been so huge that even after the automated filter sends probably 90% of it to blogger's spam folder, I still got 223 to 'moderate' a couple of days ago. Usually 'only' about 100 a day the spam filter is uncertain about. So I no longer get them in email. I read about it at Kindle forums. Good to know no loss!


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