Monday, May 10, 2010

Amazon offers buy-back or trade-in program on over 1 million textbooks

New Amazon feature for textbooks:
  In addition to Amazon's discounted textbooks store, which offers savings of up to 30% off the list price of over 100,000 new textbooks and up to 90% off the list price of millions of used textbooks,  Amazon now offers a textbook buyback program,

"Students just visit, and search for the books they want to trade.  Then students can print a pre-paid shipping label and drop the package in the mail.

  Once the book is received and verified by the third-party merchant that purchases the titles, an Gift Card will be deposited into the student's account.

  This gift card can be used toward the purchase of next semester's books, or the millions of other items on"
A couple of examples:  On their current listing of Popular Titles Eligible for Buyback, the first book (on anatomy) has a list price of $149 and a Trade-in Value of $87.50.  The second book (on accounting) has a list price of $161.90 and a Trade-in Value of $93.

  So, the discount can be close to 60% with the added benefit of being able to avoid bookstore lines and buyback deadlines.  Rather than cash to be used anywhere, though, students get an Amazon Gift Card in their accounts, usable for other items at Amazon.

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