Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Amazon's new Shopping App for iPad - Update

UPDATE - Interesting assessment by Geek magazine, with an excerpt given below.

This new Amazon app for iPad differs from the Kindle for iPad, which is for Kindle-library book access on the iPad.

This app is for shopping at Amazon while you're on the iPad and it would include the Kindle bookstore as well as all the other areas of Amazon.
  Sam Hall, director of Amazon Mobile was quoted in a PR release as saying that "This application offers customers a unique, interactive experience that takes full advantage of the visual and tactile nature of the iPad." Key features of the app as described by the press release:
' * Purchase using Amazon's 1-Click ordering and Amazon Prime
  * Track packages or modify orders using the Your Account feature
  * Receive personalized recommendations
  * View editorial and customer reviews
  * Browse Amazon's Bestsellers, Gold Box Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals
  * Access Wish List and Universal Wish List
  * Watch movie trailers and listen to song samples '
The Amazon app itself is free and downloadable by iPad owners at and at that Amazon app's Amazon page.

More detailed information about the Amazon shopping app includes fuller descriptions for the summary points there:
' * Intuitive and Clear
  * Personalized
  * Fast
  * Convenient
  * Secure '
Geek's enthusiastic review calls it "awesome" a couple of times and includes the following:
' Optimized specifically for iPad, the app takes advantage of the “generous display size” to show off products in their full glory, including awesome image galleries, detailed product descriptions, as well as editorial and customer reviews. We’re not talking about dumb web pages rendered inside an embedded browser, but a brand new layout that feels nimble, responsive, and a pleasure to use. '

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