Friday, May 28, 2010

Kindle to be in ALL Target stores June 6 - CONFIRMED

In a blog article on May 13, I wrote that Reuters had reported that Target "is also set to offer Inc's Kindle in all of its stores on June 6, the lone bricks-and-mortar retailer to offer the top-selling product in the growing electronic-reader market."

  I saw no other articles on this but Reuters was right.  How they knew that is a slight mystery.  Bloomberg Businessweek reported last night that "Target announced the expansion May 17 and executives discussed it on a conference call two days later. "

  Bloomberg Businessweek' Joseph Galante goes on to say:
'The Kindle will go on sale in Target’s 1,740 U.S. outlets on June 6, said Joshua Thomas, a spokesman for the chain.  The move expands a pilot program that, the largest online retailer, started last month in 103 Target stores.
. . .
“We’re currently the exclusive bricks-and-mortar retailer for this popular e-reader which practically flew off the shelves during our 100-store test,” Kathryn Tesija, Target’s executive vice president for merchandising, said last week on the call.
. . .
The Kindle sells for $259 and isn’t available in other stores.  The device will be displayed prominently at the front of aisles in the electronics section [and] will be available for customers to handle, Thomas said. '

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  1. Press Release:

  2. Thanks, John.

    But why on earth would they present the text in light gray? It's unreadable. I had to highlight them to read them...

  3. Looks like target finally found a way to put some pressure on Walmart. I think this will be really good for the Kindle. Smart move by Amazon. Everyone I know who sees mine is always eager to get their hands on it. Once they do they love the way it feels.

    Now if I can just get them to take their greedy little hands off my Kindle..........Some people.


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