Friday, May 7, 2010

Amazon Web Services to power Netflix's technology infrastructure

From Seattle (Business Wire) - Netflix Selects Amazon Web Services [AWS] to Power Mission-Critical Technology Infrastructure

'... Netflix members' movie lists, website search, movie transcoding, recommendation system and more will all be powered by AWS, representing many of the most critical pieces of the Netflix technology infrastructure.
' AWS] lets us focus on innovation that enables a great member experience, without requiring us to devote time and energy to building undifferentiated data centers," said Kevin McEntee, Netflix Vice President of Engineering. '

The details of what will be done for Netflix and its customer base are at the link but it includes utilizing Amazon Web Services:
' to transcode and store the movie subscription service's growing movie content library for delivery on new platforms, including the Nintendo Wii and the Apple (News - Alert) iPad. The flexibility and scalability of AWS allows Netflix to utilize vast numbers of servers to transcode and store TV episodes and movies into new formats quickly, and AWS pay-as-you-go pricing ensures that Netflix pays only for resources used.
...Netflix runs several of its website application functions on AWS, and is rapidly migrating more of these components to AWS. The important functions migrating to AWS include the delivery of movie and member metadata within the Netflix website
... Netflix is using Amazon Elastic Map Reduce to analyze streaming sessions and extract business metrics around performance, viewing patterns and more, which enables Netflix to continue to improve the quality of streaming. '
Amazon has been providing this type of service to large companies for awhile, yet I keep reading news stories that Amazon has no  'hardware or software' expertise and that they should stick to selling books and  home products.

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  1. This is interesting. I was just writing about NetFlix and DIY indie film producing as somewhat similar to the new eBook publishing and marketing model earlier this week. Of course this is a different topic but it's interesting to see the two companies integrating.

    For the savvy indie film producer, it's really critical to anticipate a time when millions of homes regularly rent movies and shows via direct-to-TV downloads. For such an indie producer, being in the best distribution networks (NetFlix, Amazon, TiVo) could work much like the Kindle platform has worked for indie authors.


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