Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Penguin Kindle Books due back by Monday

(SEE earlier story).

Amazon Kindle forum members noticed the new Penguin Kindle books were disappearing from sight again, and this is the norm after an Apple-type "Agency model" agreement is made based on Steve Jobs's arrangement with the Big5 publishers, a requirement for them to use his iBookstore, and their agreement is that no pricing at other online e-bookstores can be below Apple's pricing with the Big5.

Before coming back online with the generally higher pricing on new books, Amazon servers must reflect new pricing on all Penguin e-books and Amazon will add a disclaimer on each Penguin e-book that the publisher now sets the price.

According to Publishers Weekly, "Penguin has settled its differences with Amazon and its frontlist e-book titles should begin appearing in the Kindle bookstore no later than Monday, CEO David Shanks and publisher Susan Petersen Kennedy confirmed in an interview Wednesday morning at BEA."

Penguin Kindle Books
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Penguin-Riverhead Kindle Books
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In the meantime, a few newer Penguin hardcovers that Amazon was selling for $9.99 until the newer Penguin Kindle books come online permanently (until the next pricing war) are still available too, probably for another day, since they priced them lower as a measure compensating for Penguin's not allowing the Kindle-book versions to be available until the new contract was completed, but Amazon has begun changing some of these already.

Thursday night, the hardcover of Roger Lowenstein’s The End of Wall Street” has a full price of $27.95, and Barnes & Noble’s website is selling it for $20.12.  On Amazon, it’s $9.99 on 5/27 - $10.95 on Amazon.   The price went up immediately after I wrote this blog entry, so I've corrected it.  Strangely, it's still less than Barnes & Noble's pricing, so the Apple iBooks store must be at $10.95.
  Or there’s Anne Lamott’s Imperfect Birds — $25.95 full price, $18.68 on Barnes and Noble, $11.69 $17.13 on Amazon.  The price went up immediately after I wrote this blog entry, so I've corrected it.

  The hardcover pricing may not have to match the Apple Agency-model pricing by Monday, but I don't know whether they're part of the new book pricing model or not.  I do know Amazon lowered the pricing to make some newer books available to customers at a lower cost during negotiations on the new Agreement and will bring the pricing back up now that the Agreement's been made.

So, if you're interested in getting any Penguin or Penguin Riverhead (Anne Lamott et al) hardcover books at the lower prices, take a look.

  Be aware that only a few of their hardcovers are priced as low as $10 though.

Again, here are links to hardcovers for just Penguin and Penguin Riverhead.

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  1. So much for free trade. Apple is the most disgusting organisation on earth.

  2. This is the straw that broke the camel's back. Starting NOW, I will no longer purchase ANY apple products.


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