Friday, September 10, 2010

Best Buy to sell Kindles -- predicted here in April and confirmed

Most of you may have already heard the news that Best Buy will sell the Kindle 3's and, later on, the DXG.  (Thanks to KindleToday for the first report I saw.)

Some may remember that in the April 8 article here questioning whether the Kindle might be sold at Target at the end of April, the title also asked if Best Buy might also get the Kindle.

I had seen a long-time Best Buy employee commenting, on Engadget's site, that
' I have a feeling we are going to start selling the Kindle at Best Buy as well seeing as we just got cases for them in on the truck today. I find it hard to believe we will sell cases for a product we don't sell. '

Later on, in mid-June, more than two months later, tigerbeat wrote on the Amazon Kindle forums:
' Best Buy even had a Kindle cover and they don't even sell Kindles. '

So, it's come to pass :-)
 The Best Buy press release, carried by, says that consumers will be able to
' compare all of the most popular reading devices by installing new end-caps that display its e-reader selection side-by-side, supported by helpful information about each device’s key features.  Best Buy is the only retailer to carry all of the top e-reader brands in-store so consumers can conveniently compare and decide which is right for them. '

  They are the exclusive retail partner for the Nook and will carry the new Sonys as well.

The first report I saw earlier (can't remember which publication) asked if this wasn't a gamble when the Kindle could be seen side by side with the more colorful and multi-functioned iPad.
 I've wondered when this type of columnist will start asking the publishers to start printing the text of their books in color instead of with black type on white.  But some do judge a book by its color cover.

Today, Mobile Computing compares the colorful, multi-featured iPad to the Kindle "with a dull E-ink screen" but recognizes that
' Where the Amazon Kindle and the iPad are in direct competition is in eBook reading, an area where the Kindle is currently the hands down winner. [Their emphasis.]
  The iPad’s heft makes for an uncomfortable, painful reading experience next to the breeze-light Kindle. Furthermore reading on a backlit LCD screen is a less fun.
  ...This is easy street for the Amazon Kindle. If reading a text-based book is what you’re looking to do, the Kindle runs rings around the iPad for comfort in your hands, comfort on the eyes and battery life, too.'

  That's their opinion although they feel the iPad is a "device that could very well define the future of computing."  Nevertheless, they say,
  "If you’re a book lover on a budget, Amazon Kindle without a doubt."

Kindle 3's   (UK: Kindle 3's),   DX Graphite

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